XSF Discussion - 2012-08-03

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  21. mohamad Hi
  22. stpeter hi
  23. mohamad I am Mohammed from Syria
  24. mohamad And u
  25. stpeter I'm Peter from Denver, Colorado, USA
  26. mohamad stpeter:
  27. mohamad I need help
  28. stpeter what is the problem?
  29. mohamad I need file erl bot
  30. mohamad To be an English
  31. stpeter you want a bot that translates between Arabic and English?
  32. mohamad No
  33. mohamad I want file bot erl
  34. mohamad A link to download it
  35. stpeter ah, you want the file for a bot named "erl"?
  36. mohamad Yes
  37. stpeter like https://code.google.com/p/jabber/source/browse/trunk/erl-unix5.17/erl-bot?spec=svn13&r=13
  38. mohamad Yes
  39. stpeter that seems to be the file :)
  40. stpeter the whole thing is rather small
  41. mohamad Is it English ؟
  42. stpeter no, it's Erlang :)
  43. mohamad And i need isida 2.33
  44. stpeter mohamad: is it impossible for you to use a search engine where you live?
  45. mohamad In syria/lattkia
  46. stpeter correct
  47. stpeter are you not allowed to access websites like google.com or duckduckgo.com ?
  48. stpeter (I prefer duckduckgo.com)
  49. mohamad Yes
  50. stpeter isida seems to be located at https://github.com/disabler/isida
  51. stpeter or http://isida-bot.com/
  52. stpeter I don't know anything about that code, though
  53. stpeter mohamad: sorry, I need to log off for a while -- I will return later (or join a different chatroom, such as the jabber@conference.jabber.org room)
  54. mohamad Ok
  55. stpeter set the topic to XSF discussion room | Check http://xmpp.org/calendar/ for the next scheduled meeting | logs here: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/
  56. stpeter bye!
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