XSF Discussion - 2012-08-03

  1. mohamad


  2. stpeter


  3. mohamad

    I am Mohammed from Syria

  4. mohamad

    And u

  5. stpeter

    I'm Peter from Denver, Colorado, USA

  6. mohamad


  7. mohamad

    I need help

  8. stpeter

    what is the problem?

  9. mohamad

    I need file erl bot

  10. mohamad

    To be an English

  11. stpeter

    you want a bot that translates between Arabic and English?

  12. mohamad


  13. mohamad

    I want file bot erl

  14. mohamad

    A link to download it

  15. stpeter

    ah, you want the file for a bot named "erl"?

  16. mohamad


  17. stpeter

    like https://code.google.com/p/jabber/source/browse/trunk/erl-unix5.17/erl-bot?spec=svn13&r=13

  18. mohamad


  19. stpeter

    that seems to be the file :)

  20. stpeter

    the whole thing is rather small

  21. mohamad

    Is it English ؟

  22. stpeter

    no, it's Erlang :)

  23. mohamad

    And i need isida 2.33

  24. stpeter

    mohamad: is it impossible for you to use a search engine where you live?

  25. mohamad

    In syria/lattkia

  26. stpeter


  27. stpeter

    are you not allowed to access websites like google.com or duckduckgo.com ?

  28. stpeter

    (I prefer duckduckgo.com)

  29. mohamad


  30. stpeter

    isida seems to be located at https://github.com/disabler/isida

  31. stpeter

    or http://isida-bot.com/

  32. stpeter

    I don't know anything about that code, though

  33. stpeter

    mohamad: sorry, I need to log off for a while -- I will return later (or join a different chatroom, such as the jabber@conference.jabber.org room)

  34. mohamad


  35. stpeter set the topic to

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  36. stpeter