XSF Discussion - 2012-08-25

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  12. Jef


  13. Jef

    I did understand your email

  14. Jef

    what do you mean by AOL>

  15. Jef


  16. Kev

    "Me too"

  17. Jef


  18. Jef

    I went to urban dictionary and it says: Ass on lips

  19. Jef

    or something like that

  20. Jef

    Kev, I think the forwarding mechanism should be clear enough so that other protocols won't have their own version of what the forwarding mechanism should do

  21. Kev

    I'm not sure what you mean.

  22. Jef

    forwarding messages is easy, forwarding IQ is not intuitive

  23. Kev

    I still don't follow.

  24. Kev

    Forwarding an IQ is no harder than forwarding a message.

  25. Jef

    maybe it is a forged stanza, maybe IQ is false

  26. Jef

    in that case we want to tell the other person that we are answering a forward IQ

  27. Kev

    You can't answer a forwarded IQ.

  28. Jef

    so that if he says that he don't know what we are talking about

  29. Jef

    yea, you are right I used the wrong words

  30. Jef

    when we reply to the requested information to the original sender

  31. Kev

    You mean that A sends B an iq, B forwards to C and C replies to A?

  32. Jef


  33. Kev

    Right, you can't do that.

  34. Jef


  35. Jef

    so does it has to go through B to get to A

  36. Kev

    iqs are full jid to full jid

  37. Kev

    If you reply with a different full JID it's not going to work.

  38. Jef


  39. Jef

    so does it has to go through B to get to A

  40. Kev

    It depends what you're trying to do.

  41. Jef

    just answer the requested information in the IQ

  42. Jef

    B doesn't have that information so it asks C

  43. Kev

    But why do you want forwarding to do that.

  44. Jef

    because A doesn't know C

  45. Jef

    B doesn't have that information so it asks C

  46. Kev


  47. Kev

    You don't need forwarding for B to ask C.

  48. Jef


  49. Jef

    yea thats right

  50. Kev

    There may be rare situations in which forwarding an iq might make sense, but none come immediately to mind and there's no sensible way to address imaginary requirements in any sensible manner.

  51. Kev

    If there's a new protocol that needs iq forwarding, it will need to explain what the semantics are.

  52. Kev

    Just like any protocol forwarding messages will need to explain what the semantics are.

  53. Jef

    yep, thanks that's much clear now

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