XSF Discussion - 2012-08-29

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  4. Alex mail
  5. Alex ups sorry
  6. Alex each message comes twice here with the latest Psi version
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  18. Zash stpeter, I've looked at DANE and DNA and stuff. It seems to be all about a client verifying a server that it's connecting to. Do you know if anyone tried dealing with the case where a server wants to auth an incoming client connection? I found some thread on the dane list, but it didn't lead anywhere.
  19. stpeter Zash: by "auth an incoming client connection" do you mean using SASL EXTERNAL and client certificates?
  20. Zash Yes
  21. Zash For s2s connections mainly
  22. stpeter ah, for s2s
  23. stpeter I added a bit of text about that to RFC 6125 IIRC, or maybe it just ended up in RFC 6120
  24. Zash in relation to DANE?
  25. stpeter no
  26. stpeter because DANE didn't exist back then :)
  27. Zash Right
  28. stpeter basically, in s2s each server would handle things mostly in the same way, because the connection needs to be validated in each direction -- hold for URL about some more specific text
  29. Zash The undefined bit seems to be where to look for a TLSA record when you have an incomming connection
  30. stpeter http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc6120.html#security-certificates-validation-server
  31. stpeter Zash: right
  32. stpeter Zash: Jeff Hodges and I need to update RFC 6125 to incorporate the thinking from DANE, but it was such a lot of work the first time around that we don't want to open the can of worms again
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