XSF Discussion - 2012-12-17

  1. Steffen Larsen

    Hi, I haven't seen an update on the mailing list or the wiki, but is there a hotel for FOSDEM yet?

  2. Steffen Larsen

    no buddy is on the summit MUC.. so I'll ask you guys.. ha ha

  3. Alex

    in the previous years we booked the hotel very late, florian was negotiating rates with them always

  4. Steffen Larsen

    yes I know..

  5. Steffen Larsen

    just nice to be in good time

  6. Steffen Larsen

    Is he negotiating right now or haven't booking begun yet?

  7. Alex

    I don't know, I don't think so, at least read nothing about it on any lists

  8. Steffen Larsen

    me neither..

  9. Alex

    we should put this on the agenda for the next board meeting

  10. Steffen Larsen

    yes please! :-)

  11. Steffen Larsen

    when is next meeting

  12. Steffen Larsen


  13. Alex

    no idea either ;-)

  14. Steffen Larsen

    ha ha.. thats ok alex. no prob.

  15. Alex

    I see none in the XSF cal, last was 5th Dezember where only 2 board member were present

  16. Steffen Larsen

    yes. and there should also have been a member ship vote, right?

  17. Alex


  18. Alex

    but I don't know if its a good idea to start it now just before teh holidays

  19. Steffen Larsen

    he he probably not

  20. Alex

    you can post on the summit list about the hotel

  21. Steffen Larsen

    yes i will. later

  22. bear

    the next board meeting will be just after the holidays

  23. bear

    but please do post in the members list a question about hotels, that will give florian a nudge to talk about it