XSF Discussion - 2013-01-03

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  38. arcriley hey ashley
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  40. stpeter one more hour, no?
  41. bear correct
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  48. Florian hi all
  49. Simon Hey Florian.
  50. arcriley howdy
  51. intosi Hi
  52. Dave Cridland Good greebling to one and all.
  53. arcriley wow we may actually have quorum
  54. bear :)
  55. intosi Madness
  56. Simon what's the plan for the summit hotel?
  57. Dave Cridland I think you should definitely get a hotel.
  58. Simon I was personally quite happy with the last one -
  59. Simon Aloft.
  60. Dave Cridland is Official SUpplier Of Helpful Comments.
  61. stpeter Simon: someone said the travel was a bit inconvenient
  62. bear florian - go ahead and start the meeting
  63. Florian cools
  64. intosi Travel and ENOBACON
  65. stpeter I would like to officially request warmer weather this year!!!
  66. Florian haha
  67. Florian at the moment it doesn't look too cold
  68. Dave Cridland Yeah, I think it was quite nice (modulo breakfast), but also being out of the centre gave us, I thought, a bit of a village atmosphere - I think a lot of useful chatter happened in the evenings and so on.
  69. bear is just happy to actually be going this year
  70. Simon I personally didn't have a problem with it for Cisco. That said it was closer to the FOSDEM venue.
  71. Simon looks forward to meeting the Bear.
  72. Florian ok, so I've been in touch with some hotels today
  73. Florian and got 3 offers
  74. Florian I don't know if you guys remember the Best Western in the centre
  75. Florian (the bunker one)
  76. stpeter Dave: that's a good point
  77. Florian Chambres : 12 chambres Date : du 30.01.2013 au 03.02.2013 – 4 nuits Prix Spécial : € 129 la chambre single par nuit au lieu de € 330 par chambre par nuit (Net) € 159 la chambre double par nuit au lieu de € 350 par chambre par nuit (Net) Ces prix sont net, TVA, et petit-déjeuner buffet inclus. Ces prix excluent € 8 City Tax par chambre par nuit.
  78. Dave Cridland Each quote in a different language...
  79. Florian haha
  80. Florian so it's 129€ for a single room
  81. Dave Cridland Buffet breakfast included. I didn't stay there, no opinion. (And no say, since I'm not coming this year).
  82. Florian and then I got 2 quotes
  83. Florian one for the Meridien and the ALoft
  84. Simon the Aloft works out about 70pp sharing a twin room.
  85. Florian LE MERIDIEN BRUSSELS (5*) Aankomst: 30 januari 2013 Vertrek: 03 februari 2013 Kamers: 10 singles Tarieven – geldig voor 10 kamers of meer: Nacht 30 & 31 januari 2013 229 € per single kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen Nacht 01 & 02 februari 2013 129 € per single kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen ALOFT BRUSSELS SCHUMAN (3*) Aankomst: 30 januari 2013 Vertrek: 03 februari 2013 Kamers: 10 singles Tarieven – geldig voor 10 kamers of meer: Nacht 30 & 31 januari 2013 169 € per single kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen Nacht 01 & 02 februari 2013 79 € per single kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen
  86. Florian which means the ALoft is the cheapest
  87. stpeter really, aloft was fine with me
  88. Simon +1
  89. stpeter a bit cheesy, but hey :)
  90. Florian the ALoft was quite fun
  91. Florian a bit more of a community feeling than the others
  92. stpeter maybe I'm just not hip enough :P
  93. Florian with the bar and the Wii
  94. Dave Cridland Florian, is it worth looking at minibus rental or anything, to mitigate the travel?
  95. intosi I was about to write just that, Florian.
  96. Dave Cridland Florian, Although preferably not with you driving.
  97. Florian haha
  98. Dave Cridland shudders.
  99. Simon For me it's really just travelling the one day-
  100. intosi I could do some driving, if needed.
  101. Florian the question is ... minibus from / to?
  102. bear let's settle the hotel issue first...
  103. Florian yeah
  104. Dave Cridland Florian, I meant FOSDEM <-> ALoft.
  105. bear any reason to not go with aloft since it's 1) known and 2) affordable
  106. Simon is a minibus during rush hour really going to be quicker?
  107. Florian Simon: unlikely
  108. Florian bit it's weekend
  109. Dave Cridland Simon, Convenience as well as speed, though.
  110. Florian so it's fine
  111. Simon I presume the minibus is to get to Cisco?
  112. Florian Minibus is not big enough for everyone though
  113. Florian or how small are we talking?
  114. Florian the other issue is parking
  115. Simon for Aloft to FOSDEM a taxi at Euro 5pp seems fine to me.
  116. Dave Cridland Right, I was assuming shuttle from FOSDEM rather than transit to Diegem.
  117. stpeter oh, the public transit is fun, though
  118. Simon I think we are overthinking this.
  119. Florian I agree
  120. Florian I'd say, Minibus is too complicated
  121. Florian so for Hotel ... ALoft?
  122. Simon I'm down.
  123. bear +1 aloft
  124. Dave Cridland Simon, Surely you're up if you're aloft?
  125. Simon :)
  126. Florian alright
  127. Florian I'll get that sorted tomorrow then
  128. Florian giving Saskia a call :)
  129. Florian right ...
  130. Florian Minibus issue done?
  131. stpeter Florian: yes
  132. Florian next up .. Dinner
  133. Florian given the Summit is now on Thursday / Friday
  134. Dave Cridland Yes, good point.
  135. Florian I was thinking, let's do the dinner still on Saturday after FOSDEM
  136. Florian I think people will still be there for the Saturday
  137. stpeter I would think so, yes
  138. Dave Cridland Except people will be leaving Sunday, and it's a useful way to break the ice.
  139. Florian the alternative would be Thursday
  140. bear anyone only going to the summit will not be present sat night
  141. Dave Cridland I'd lean toward having it earlier (ie, Thursday).
  142. bear (I know I won't be)
  143. Florian ok
  144. Florian I'll see if we can do Thursday evening then
  145. Dave Cridland Same place, I assume?
  146. Florian I don't mind
  147. Florian easiest place to sort
  148. Dave Cridland I think there'd be riots if you picked anywhere else.
  149. bear :)
  150. intosi It's a tradition.
  151. Florian hehe
  152. Simon and very good.
  153. intosi Break one parameter a year, no more than that.
  154. Florian alright ... then we just need to find some sponsors :)
  155. Lance let's not do everything differently now that bear gets to come :p
  156. stpeter Lance: :)
  157. Florian so if anyone knows anyone willing to sponsor, tell them to give me a shout :)
  158. Florian :D
  159. Florian alright, I'll sort that tomorrow as well
  160. stpeter Florian: I have some ideas about people we can poke :)
  161. Florian great :)
  162. Dave Cridland As do I.
  163. bear we should do a short blog post about the details once they are settled
  164. Simon is willing to be poked a bit.
  165. stpeter bear: yep
  166. Florian will do
  167. Florian I'll get those details confirmed tomorrow
  168. bear florian - poke &Yet about the dinner
  169. Florian :)
  170. Florian anything else on the dinner?
  171. stpeter nope
  172. Dave Cridland Do they do delivery?
  173. Florian haha
  174. stpeter Dave Cridland: not to Wales, I'm afraid
  175. Florian you would need to sort a courier
  176. Florian Dave Cridland: only to London :D
  177. bear I'll drop a parcel from the plan as I fly over london
  178. stpeter adds 4 more people to the participant list
  179. bear +e
  180. Dave Cridland bear, You won't fly over Wales, though. :-(
  181. Kev ambles in.
  182. bear I could try, but I think the airline would frown on the method
  183. intosi bear: toss it at an angle
  184. Simon What's the plan for the realtime lounge?
  185. Florian so, similar to next year
  186. Florian we still have the furniture at Cisco
  187. Florian I think we should check what's there
  188. stpeter yes
  189. Simon Aeron chairs in the RT lounge?
  190. Simon sounds more upmarket :)
  191. Florian :)
  192. intosi More chairs would be nice.
  193. stpeter Florian: I can ping my contacts in Diegem
  194. Florian we can check what's there
  195. Florian on Thursday / Friday
  196. stpeter we should have taken inventory last year :)
  197. Florian and drop by Ikea again
  198. stpeter Florian: ah, true
  199. stpeter n/m
  200. Dave Cridland Also, there's t-shirt stock that's a sunk cost, so spending a bit at Ikea again isn't a problem.
  201. Florian true
  202. Florian anything else on RTL?
  203. Dave Cridland I think there's even a hoodie or ten.
  204. Lance has joined
  205. Florian I guess that's a no :)
  206. Florian so moving on to Speakers :)
  207. Florian I haven't had time to check the mails
  208. Florian but how are we looking on that front?
  209. stpeter Florian: I can make a rough agenda tonight
  210. Kev [Going back to the hotel point - Aloft wasn't bad, breakfast was pretty poor but tolerable for a couple of days, getting to FOSDEM was convenient on public travel, and we went to Diegem en masse, so I'm not opposed to going back]
  211. stpeter Kev: agreed on breakfast
  212. bear florian - i was going to go thru the mail tonight and update the wiki
  213. Florian Kev: alright :)
  214. Florian bear: great
  215. bear so we know for sure how many speakers we have
  216. stpeter bear: ok great
  217. Florian next ... hoodies / t-shirts?
  218. Simon I saw a rather lousy proposal about buddycloud but the rest of the speech proposals all looked great.
  219. bear I don't think we have too many yet - my memory is telling me we have 6
  220. stpeter bear: I also heard from Waqas that he would like to give a talk, but I told him to post to the list
  221. Simon Waqas will make it?
  222. Florian he should, yes
  223. bear yep, if it's not in the list then I won't count it
  224. stpeter Simon: that's the hope
  225. stpeter Simon: visas can be difficult to come by etc., but we're all pitching in on that front
  226. bear if we know someone who could make it but can't swing the hotel - let me know - I was planning on going on my own dime but now work is paying for it, so I have that cost covered
  227. Florian :)
  228. Florian next up ... T-Shirts / Hoodies?
  229. Florian no discussions about those yet
  230. Florian do we want them
  231. Florian can we still get them?
  232. Dave Cridland There is some stock. QUite a lot of t-shirts, a few hoodies.
  233. stpeter hm
  234. Florian the design from last year was very popular
  235. stpeter right
  236. intosi Hoodies were big last year, partly due to the low temperatures.
  237. Florian indeed
  238. Kev For talks, I'll give my standard offer - I have nothing interesting to say, but if someone has a topic they'd like me to talk about I'm happy to (assuming I know anything about it). Golly I'm lagging behind this meeting.
  239. intosi The only shirts left are the sick-coloured ones, if I recall correctly.
  240. stpeter intosi: :)
  241. fippo kev: fmuc vs dmuc showdown? :-)
  242. Dave Cridland intosi, No, I'm pretty sure we had boxes of the block ones too. We started with 200, and they weren't selling *that* fast.
  243. intosi Dave: ah, okay.
  244. Dave Cridland Kev, fippo - standards development by mud wrestling.
  245. Dave Cridland Black ones.
  246. Dave Cridland That's what I meant.
  247. Dave Cridland Not "block ones". No Minecraft styling here.
  248. Florian :)
  249. intosi Dove Cridlond, we understood you the first time.
  250. Florian should we try and get some more?
  251. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org:12480/web/Summit_13#Participants udpated
  252. stpeter updated even
  253. Kev stpeter: If you still hae it open, can you pop me on please?
  254. stpeter yep
  255. Kev Else I'll try to find my wiki creds.
  256. Florian and me :)
  257. Simon Florian: any chance of some more mobile viking sim cards?
  258. Florian no free ones, but I can buy some
  259. Dave Cridland Kev, Are wiki creds like street creds, only less cool?
  260. stpeter Kev and Florian added
  261. Kev More cool.
  262. Florian stpeter: ta
  263. Kev stpeter: Thanks.
  264. Simon I'd happily sign-up for a SIM card for the four days.
  265. stpeter fippo added too :)
  266. Florian so yeah, coming back to the t-shirts / hoodies
  267. intosi Shirts seem to become less popular every year.
  268. Florian should we order some more ?
  269. Florian or some other merch?
  270. intosi Mugs, polo shirts?
  271. Dave Cridland Yeah. The place I got the hoodies from now do a bunch of other clothing. However, I'd note that we barely scraped even last year.
  272. intosi Pens?
  273. Kev I'd be more inclined to get other stuff, if I'm honest, than t-shurts.
  274. Dave Cridland Pens might be cool.
  275. stpeter mugs are kind of heavy
  276. Dave Cridland Should be able to get some cheap enough to give away.
  277. Florian and break easily in transit
  278. intosi Stickers were popular some years ago.
  279. stpeter yeah
  280. Florian yeah, let's get stickers
  281. stpeter intosi: true
  282. Kev Mugs or Polo shirts or pens I might buy, but equally if we're making a loss on these things and it's a nuisance to arrange, what do they gain us?
  283. Florian some branding
  284. intosi Stickers should be cheap enough to give away.
  285. Florian I'd say, stickers and pens?
  286. Simon stickers with a place to write in your XMPP address would be nice.
  287. intosi Simon: good idea
  288. arcriley great idea
  289. Florian I like that :)
  290. Simon then slap it onto your laptop and immediate friends.
  291. stpeter and you can write the JID using the pen! brilliant! :)
  292. Florian :)
  293. Florian who wants to take charge on that?
  294. stpeter and if you write it really fast, it'll be an instant message ;-)
  295. Florian and maybe come up with some designs?
  296. intosi Glossy stickers are notable for their ability to withstand writing..
  297. Florian stpeter: lol
  298. stpeter no volunteers for designs, I see :)
  299. Florian :)
  300. Kev Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not an artist.
  301. arcriley im looking at sticker printers finding one suitable for that
  302. intosi I only draw for medicinal purposes.
  303. bear let me ask if one of the creative types here can help - no promises but i'll ask
  304. Florian awesome :)
  305. Simon IMHO sticker printing has a longish lead time. Especially for cutouts.
  306. arcriley stickermule stickers are great, but yes, glossy, you'd need fine tip sharpies
  307. arcriley Simon, you can pay for expidite
  308. Florian I've got to run in a few mins ...
  309. Florian is there anything else?
  310. Florian I'll take a look around for sticker places too
  311. Florian see how quickly they can print
  312. Dave Cridland "Hello, my jid is" stickers sound awesome.
  313. bear do we have artwork handy for the logo?
  314. Dave Cridland Yes
  315. arcriley you mean the xmpp svg? yes.
  316. bear I may order some "bear sized" tshirts for myself
  317. Florian :)
  318. Dave Cridland bear, I can give you the EPS artwork.
  319. bear cool
  320. intosi I mis ye olde lightbulb of yore. Made a better logo for shirts and caps.
  321. Dave Cridland (For the "Black", and the "Hoodie")
  322. Kev intosi: It did, it did.
  323. stpeter intosi: for sure
  324. bear either the muc lag got really bad for everyone, or I sense an end to the meeting?
  325. stpeter :)
  326. Kev Seems to have pretty much calmed down.
  327. arcriley seems like it
  328. Dave Cridland The lag has got so bad for everyone that Kev';s caught up.
  329. bear should we plan to meet again next board meeting (which would be at it's normal time)
  330. arcriley yes
  331. bear i.e. next week, just after the tech council
  332. stpeter BTW, I have the Cisco rooms reserved, will work on catering plans next week
  333. bear ta
  334. bear ok, let's make that a plan then - adjourned till next board meeting
  335. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org:12480/web/Summit_13#Participants just got a lot bigger, we'll see who else is interested
  336. stpeter bear: WFM, let's chat later or tomorrow about the talks
  337. Kev Thanks all.
  338. stpeter I'll ping Waqas about posting to the summit@ list
  339. arcriley ok back to julython
  340. bear thanks Florian for doing all of this work to make the Summit awesome
  341. arcriley those pesky Django devs took our first place slot, we want it back :-)
  342. arcriley http://www.julython.org/teams/
  343. bear good luck arc
  344. bear goes back to writing chef scripts for redis and riak
  345. arcriley its a completely silly race, see who can make the most commits, but its a great motivator for the teams
  346. arcriley bear, you doing julython?
  347. stpeter arcriley: just make lots of smaller commits, one for each line of code even :)
  348. bear I was
  349. stpeter ok, thanks all, and especially to Florian!
  350. arcriley stpeter, you missed how we got the lead to begin with - Jan 1st, start of the program, I ran a sed script on every project i maintain updating the copyright years. 132 points right there (10 points per repo you contribute to, 1 per commit)
  351. Dave Cridland while true; do echo '.' >>julyathon; git add julyathon; git commit -m 'And another'; git push origin master; done
  352. stpeter arcriley: heehee
  353. arcriley i do that every year tho, so its not defeating the spirit of the game :-)
  354. arcriley since their first commit to a repo is worth 11 points im using it to get the opengl kids to play with our xmpp library stuff :-)
  355. Dave Cridland Oh, you get more points if it's different users?
  356. Simon has left
  357. arcriley yea each user who makes a commit to each repo is 10 points
  358. arcriley if you do python stuff you should join, its a lot of fun. there may be swag in it.
  359. Dave Cridland OK. My script needs some work, then.
  360. Dave Cridland arcriley, Ah, btu I currently don't do Python stuff.
  361. arcriley gotcha
  362. Dave Cridland arcriley, And, recall, I am EVIL and do closed source things anyway. :-)
  363. arcriley ah thats right. you're demon-tainted. :-)
  364. Dave Cridland Forked tail, horns. Yup.
  365. fippo but aren't you subversive and there do closed source things generated by python code? I'd be somewhat disappointed otherwise
  366. intosi No Dave, that's BSD right there. See where the confusion comes from, though.
  367. arcriley well my secret weapon is all the concordance related repos, all waiting on nodetree and mod_xmpp. almost there. i havent updated the copyright years on those repos yet since im not actively working on them
  368. arcriley thats another.... 99 points, at least
  369. Dave Cridland fippo, I'm officially subversive, actually. According to British Intelligence.
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