XSF Discussion - 2013-01-09

  1. Kev


  2. bear

    email sent about summit and fosdem status

  3. bear

    we did not have anything specific to wrangle at the board level so today's meeting was an un-meeting - anything can be handled on the summit@ list

  4. bear returns the lurkers back to their regular scheduled lurking

  5. bear

    thanks to whichever OCD person alphabetized the participants list (doing so hadn't risen to my level of pain yet)

  6. stpeter

    bear: that's me! ;-)

  7. bear

    I kinda figured it was you ;)

  8. arcriley

    there was a meeting today?

  9. Kev


  10. arcriley

    i thought there was but the room was idle

  11. Kev

    Sorry - I don't mean there wasn't scheduled to be one, just one didn't happen.