XSF Discussion - 2013-01-11

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  35. stpeter bear: I've requested updated credentials for pentabarf at the FOSDEM site -- do you have credentials to log in?
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  37. bear hmm, remind me what the pentabarf url is?
  38. bear ah, found it in notes - and no, mine are no longer functional
  39. stpeter bear: I pinged our FOSDEM friends about it
  40. stpeter (via email)
  41. stpeter if I don't receive an answer somewhat quickly, I'll ask in the IRC channel
  42. bear or we can always "borrow" ralph's :)
  43. stpeter I see that you're in ops, not security ;-)
  44. bear LOL
  45. bear but yes, I do have tend to lean that way much to the chagrin of the security folk on the team
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