XSF Discussion - 2013-01-15

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  25. stpeter

    hi bear, I got a reminder of my pentabarf credentials

  26. stpeter

    go to https://penta.fosdem.org/user/forgot_password if necessary

  27. stpeter gets ready for another all-day meeting in California :)

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  32. stpeter

    hi Lance, would you like to give your "XMPP and JSON" talk at FOSDEM or the Summit or both?

  33. Lance


  34. stpeter


  35. stpeter

    would you be able to give an overview about it at FOSDEM too? I think it would be a good teaser for web developers at FOSDEM

  36. Lance

    i'll be there saturday only, but I can do that

  37. stpeter

    yes, the devroom is on Saturday

  38. stpeter

    I'll pencil you in

  39. stpeter

    bear and I are working on the Saturday schedule

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