XSF Discussion - 2013-01-22

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  44. stpeter bear: I'm making progress on the FOSDEM scheduling...
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  57. ralphm stpeter: good job on the schedule
  58. ralphm no sessions after 17:00?
  59. stpeter ralphm: actually, I'm adding a break at 14:00 and I'm just about to add another talk on the schedule (for 17:30-17:45)
  60. stpeter it's not good to have no break :)
  61. ralphm stpeter: ah, they mentioned not actually putting an item for a break
  62. stpeter oh really?
  63. ralphm yes
  64. stpeter so how do we handle that?
  65. stpeter no break, or just don't list it?
  66. ralphm don't list it
  67. stpeter sure, that's easy enough :)
  68. stpeter ah good, I see that https://fosdem.org/2013/schedule/day/saturday/ is up to date (sort of)
  69. ralphm from the list:
  70. ralphm I noticed that Jeremy put a "wine lunch break" in the schedule. I don't think that's really necessary. I think the schedule is a lot cleaner if there's an empty slot where lunchtime takes place, rather than a slot that says 'lunch break'. - Philip
  71. stpeter right
  72. stpeter I'm still way behind on email, although I did get under 1000 messages today ;-)
  73. ralphm I guess you are not actually on that list
  74. stpeter good, so I have two excuses ;-)
  75. ralphm next time I should use an organisational address
  76. stpeter sure we can set up fosdem@xmpp.org
  77. stpeter goes back into pentabarf to edit times later in the day
  78. ralphm are you putting in a lightning talks slot?
  79. stpeter I'm happy to do so
  80. stpeter would you like that in the middle of the afternoon, or at the end (or both)?
  81. ralphm let's see
  82. stpeter we could do 30 minutes of lightning talks after the break (at 14:30)
  83. ralphm yeah
  84. stpeter I always like the "stump the experts / general discussion" slot
  85. stpeter people find that helpful
  86. ralphm Do the colors have a meaning?
  87. stpeter I don't think so
  88. ralphm oh sure!
  89. stpeter ok, I'm going to put that after XMPP 101, then
  90. stpeter seems like a good time to get general questions out of the way
  91. ralphm nods
  92. stpeter I'll put you in charge of that session ;-)
  93. ralphm that'd be good
  94. ralphm I'll bring that hat
  95. stpeter heehee
  96. stpeter me too
  97. ralphm I was thinking (way too late now) that having an XMPP fleece jacket would be nice, too.
  98. stpeter yeah
  99. stpeter next year ;-)
  100. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org:12480/web/FOSDEM_2013#Give_a_Devroom_Talk
  101. stpeter updated
  102. stpeter now updating in Penta
  103. stpeter wonders why everything in Penta defaults to FOSDEM11 :)
  104. ralphm heh
  105. ralphm probably a configuration thing that they haven't fully digested
  106. ralphm this stuff was created for ccc
  107. stpeter nods
  108. stpeter ok
  109. stpeter all data updated
  110. stpeter now we wait for https://fosdem.org/2013/schedule/day/saturday/ to be updated
  111. stpeter I assume they have a cron job for that :)
  112. ralphm yay
  113. stpeter I think I didn't add some of the biographies
  114. stpeter or didn't receive them
  115. stpeter checks
  116. ralphm at least one new item now :-)
  117. stpeter do we need to provide email address for all speakers?
  118. stpeter I suppose it can't hurt, eh?
  119. stpeter done
  120. stpeter brb, need tea :)
  121. stpeter maybe I'll give a lightning talk about "the challenges of running a large public IM service and what we need to fix"
  122. ralphm :-)
  123. ralphm stpeter: do away with the users :-)
  124. stpeter volunteers some people for http://wiki.xmpp.org:12480/web/Summit_13#Short_Talks_and_General_Updates without asking them :P
  125. stpeter ok
  126. stpeter https://fosdem.org/2013/schedule/day/saturday/ is done
  127. stpeter posts to the summit@ list
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  129. stpeter hi Jef
  130. stpeter Jef: see the last talk at the FOSDEM schedule pasted above -- someone is very excited about your File Information Sharing proposal :)
  131. Jef stpeter, who is?
  132. Lance which xep is that? is it still in inbox?
  133. stpeter Diana Cionoiu -- she works http://yate.null.ro/pmwiki/
  134. Jef It is still in inboc
  135. stpeter Lance: yeah we need to get it out of that damn inbox
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  137. Jef I 've been having problems with it. I need someone to tell me what's wrong
  138. Lance what's the name for it?
  139. stpeter Jef: my apologies, I haven't had time to really look at it carefully, but I'll need to do that before FOSDEM
  140. stpeter http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/fis.html
  141. Lance nice. thanks
  142. Lance starts reading
  143. stpeter Lance: thank Jef, he did all the work ;-)
  144. Jef lol, it needs much more work
  145. Jef I can't find the talk
  146. Lance https://fosdem.org/2013/schedule/event/xmpp_file_sharing/
  147. stpeter yep
  148. Jef thanks
  149. Jef OMG! she is calling it awesome
  150. stpeter oh hmph, they want me to update the speak bios from past years?
  151. Jef I think I'm going to cry
  152. stpeter heh
  153. Jef I'm so happy
  154. stpeter I am pretty sure she was talking about your proposal -- we had a brief IM chat about it a bit earlier but she had to run before I had a chance to verify :)
  155. Jef when will the video be posted?
  156. stpeter posts http://xmpp.org/2013/01/the-fosdem-schedule-is-set/
  157. stpeter Jef: we will try to stream it via Hangouts and YouTube (yeah, I know, sorry)
  158. Jef xD
  159. Lance finishes reading fis
  160. Lance not bad. i would have imagined it working over disco though
  161. Jef that's how xep-135 does it
  162. stpeter right
  163. stpeter I need to look at them both :)
  164. stpeter 135 was just an initial exploration
  165. Jef well, certainly Diana has given me a lot of motivation to conclude the work
  166. stpeter great!
  167. Jef I will be sending you something this week, and send me an email whenever you like at: jefry.reyes@gmail.com
  168. stpeter super
  169. stpeter I will try to review them both tonight
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  171. Jef ;)
  172. Lance ponders
  173. Lance 135 style disco plus http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xml-media-element.html in an identity extension to include the file metadata element
  174. Lance meh, the wrapping part borders too much on the ugly side
  175. Jef Lance, I thought 135 was ugly, but then I couldn't make fis much less ugly
  176. Jef I need feedback on fis
  177. Jef Lance, how do you think it could be better?
  178. Lance conceptually, you have it at about as good as can be
  179. Lance you're doing better traffic wise than disco by allowing metadata inline with listings
  180. Lance the xml can be tidied up, proper namespaces, etc
  181. Lance i do prefer the disco route because that's the standard way of discovering things and related items, and tools exist to browse it already
  182. Lance but meh, whatever. if it works it works
  183. Lance the only other thing i see is with the searching, since you would need to just go with a dataform immediately
  184. Lance wishes jabber:iq:search included a node parameter
  185. Jef Lance, it is, isn't it?
  186. Jef it is included
  187. Jef wait.. what do you mean as a node parameter?
  188. Lance no, i meant if it allowed you to do <query xmlns="jabber:iq:search" node="urn:xmpp:fis">
  189. Jef uhmm...
  190. Jef is that possible?
  191. Lance not with xep-0055 as is
  192. Jef xep-55 is a little restrictive
  193. Lance which i guessed was why you were making the search query a child of the fis match element
  194. Jef a bloody mess
  195. Lance is the inbox version your latest draft? or have you made edits since then?
  196. Jef no haven't, life has been kicking my butt lately
  197. Jef how do you think disco can be included?
  198. Jef not for the search I suppose?
  199. Lance use disco to walk the file tree and get file names, and use a fis request to get the metadata for a file/directory that you've found
  200. stpeter nods to Lance
  201. Jef good
  202. Lance the downside to that is it can't provide the file meta during the walk process
  203. Lance but, it can provide the minimum you're required, which is just the names
  204. Lance well, it can include the full meta data, but that requires an x-form with the xml wrapper element
  205. Lance but that's where it starts getting ugly
  206. Jef yea... thats what I was trying to avoid, uglyness
  207. Lance nod
  208. Jef nods
  209. Jef strokes his bear and nods
  210. Lance i'll whip up some examples to see how things can be tidied up, as is without disco
  211. Jef that would be awesome
  212. stpeter perhaps senses a topic to discuss at the XMPP Summit in Brussels :)
  213. Lance it will be discussed at fosdem for sure
  214. Jef :)
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