XSF Discussion - 2013-01-26

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  23. Lance

    the more I play with adhoc commands for the memberbot the less I like them, soley because of poor client support

  24. Lance

    on the other hand, including xmpp: links in normal html-im chats has been pretty fun

  25. Kev

    Lance: It's not just client support, the XEP's not entirely unambiguous, either.

  26. Lance

    oh? which part is ambiguous?

  27. Kev

    I don't recall, I'm afraid.

  28. Kev

    Oh, ISTR the musti-stage stuff was confusing.

  29. Lance

    ah, yeah

  30. Lance

    hrm, looks like none of the clients i have respond to the ?command query parameter

  31. Lance

    ?roster and ?message work pretty reliably though

  32. Kev

    I'm not surprised by a lack of ?command. I'm more surprised by widespread use of ?roster and ?message :)

  33. Lance


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  40. Neustradamus

    it will be nice to speak about video on XMPP (the missing point) and Whiteboard in the same time...

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