XSF Discussion - 2013-01-28

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  37. Lance well, if I only link to the main election wiki page instead of individual applications, I think I can get the adhoc commands to mostly play nice in clients
  38. Lance the chat version is working great: http://cl.ly/image/28142K2C2Y1l
  39. arcriley lance what about data forms?
  40. Lance via adhoc commands, or in just plain messags?
  41. arcriley depends on how voting is setup
  42. Lance I've not really decided on how best to to plain message data forms
  43. Lance psi is the only client i know that has support for them
  44. arcriley im just thinking itd be nice to be able to see the whole voting ballot at once
  45. arcriley client support be damned, if *we* can't use our own extensions who can we expect will?
  46. Lance right, that's what I tried to do with council/board elections
  47. Lance i know, right? That's why I've loaded the bot with other extensions too. vcard, nickname, avatar, etc
  48. arcriley awesome
  49. Lance even has a mood and current activity
  50. Lance (excited/working, cause what the hell, why not)
  51. Lance I think I'll just add a disco check for message form support and make that one of the initial questions. "Would you like to use a dataform?"
  52. Lance maybe. will have to see how it works in practice
  53. Lance I originally wanted to include last message correction too, to do immediate corrections when voting
  54. Lance but the chat vote session is using a coroutine for state, and i can't really unwind the stack for corrections :/
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