XSF Discussion - 2013-01-29

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  24. ralphm waves
  25. Kev Evening Ralph.
  26. ralphm Looking forward to not lugging boxes tomorrow?
  27. Kev Immeasurably so.
  28. ralphm :-D
  29. Kev I might even not turn up grumpy this year.
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  31. ralphm not holding my breath
  32. ralphm :-D
  33. Kev Wise.
  34. Kev I'm not entirely sure I can remember where (although I probably can), but ISTR there was a pretty decent little restaurant 5mins from the hotel.
  35. ralphm there is this whole square of nice restaurants
  36. ralphm and without snow, easier to get to as well
  37. Kev Yeah. There's one on the right that I thought was really good, though :)
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