XSF Discussion - 2013-01-30

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  46. Zash .
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  53. Steffen Larsen anybody up for some dinner later on today in Brussels?
  54. Lance i am
  55. Steffen Larsen super? bear?
  56. Steffen Larsen sleeping?.. :-)
  57. Lance idk, haven't seen him since he took his cab
  58. Steffen Larsen ok
  59. Lance meet in lobby at 6?
  60. Steffen Larsen can we do it a bit later maybe? i'll take a quik shower. 6:30?.. or are you starving?
  61. Lance 6:30 works
  62. Steffen Larsen supe!
  63. Steffen Larsen super!
  64. Steffen Larsen Zash: ?? how about you? are you up for some food? you are at aloft hotel as well, right?
  65. Steffen Larsen Lance: do you know at Bears door, or shall we let the big bear sleep in his cave?
  66. Steffen Larsen Lance: knock
  67. Lance i'll knock at his door
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  69. Steffen Larsen Lance: see ya in half an hour
  70. Zash I'm staying elsewhere.
  71. Zash Are you haivng dinner at the hotel?
  72. Lance we'll probably head to the square of restaraunts by the hotel
  73. Steffen Larsen super
  74. Steffen Larsen Kev was talking about a good restaurant 5min away from here. we could take that
  75. Zash Hm, where was that hotel?
  76. Lance by schuman station
  77. Steffen Larsen Zash: I thought you stayed here?
  78. Zash No
  79. Zash I'm not far from schuman tho
  80. Steffen Larsen Zash: ok, join us for dinner then!. the more the merrier
  81. Lance no response from bear
  82. Lance i'll be in the lobby, he might be down there
  83. Steffen Larsen Zash: We'll be in the Aloft lobby 18:30
  84. Steffen Larsen Lance: ok. I'll be down there in 5 min
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  86. Zash I'm apparently digging up documents
  87. Zash Hm, I'll be eating elsewhere tonight. But we'll all meet tomorrow I guess.
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  89. Zash Kev!
  90. Kev That is me.
  91. Kev Are there food plans? Ralph and Edwin should be here around about now, I think.
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  93. Kev Hrmm.
  94. Kev Getting hungry now.
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  100. ralphm het stpeter
  101. ralphm hey even
  102. stpeter hey
  103. stpeter waves from Dulles Airport
  104. ralphm man, you guys have all the luck with flying into xmpp summits
  105. ralphm having fun there?
  106. ralphm .
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  113. ralphm also, summit@muc.xmpp.org
  114. ralphm stpeter: how long are you stuck there?
  115. stpeter flight to Brussels leaves in about an hour
  116. stpeter sorry, distracted, I'm helping Jer with some medical stuff, see http://quartzjer.tumblr.com/
  117. ralphm :-(
  118. stpeter I have to text with him because he can't talk -- this is serious
  119. Steffen Larsen to bad to hear…. poor jeremie
  120. stpeter but anyway, helping as much as I can
  121. Kev Poor Jer.
  122. stpeter ok
  123. stpeter time to fly!
  124. stpeter see you tomorrow
  125. Kev GN.
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  127. Steffen Larsen tomorrow peter.. have a safe flight
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  129. ralphm cya
  130. ralphm oh, he left already haha
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