XSF Discussion - 2013-02-15

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  22. bear seeing as we already have a github account for XSF - we may as well use it
  23. Kev We currently push everything to gitorious.
  24. Kev I'm not going to jump up and down too heavily about using gitorious over github, though.
  25. bear me either
  26. bear if we already use one more than the other... so be it - that's the beauty of git
  27. Kev I have an intrinsic dislike of having external providers control our stuff.
  28. Kev I can get over it, but I do.
  29. bear nods
  30. Ashley seems like there's no good reason to change if we already have code on gitorious
  31. Kev I wonder a little about the submission process with github. I don't know if submitting patches to Peter by mail is considered more formal than just sending pull requests through github (I worry about this because submission of patches is a copyright transfer, and we've never done anything explicit about this).
  32. Kev Ashley: We mirror to Gitorious, but we also have a mirror on Github, so probably either works.
  33. Ashley ah ok
  34. Kev At the time Gitorious had better team support, I suspect that's no longer the case.
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  41. bear dave brings up some good points about github/gitorious
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