XSF Discussion - 2013-02-27

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  11. bear

    most of the really broken style stuff has been fixed; sidebar with sponsors is fixed; nav bar with dropdown is fixed;

  12. bear

    still need to fix some metadata in secondary pages and clean up things like sidebar, feed and some centering issues

  13. bear

    k, cleaned up the dup title glitch (articles that had both a Title: metadata item and also a # Title line in the body)

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  15. ralphm

    bear: keep up the good work

  16. jabberjocke

    bear: just say if you need any testing help

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  25. Ashley

    i'm so here and ready to collaborate!

  26. stpeter


  27. stpeter

    let's see if bear is around

  28. stpeter

    I did update the calendar, but it was last night

  29. stpeter

    poked him via IM

  30. stpeter


  31. stpeter


  32. Ashley


  33. stpeter


  34. Ashley

    i was so happy i actually made it :)

  35. bear

    i'm here

  36. Alex

    so am I ;-)

  37. bear

    am I late?

  38. stpeter

    happy to see that http://www.coversant.com/ is back online, although I think we've not seen Jason in a while

  39. Kev

    Coversant have been back for a while.

  40. stpeter

    Kev: the site had some wonky unavailable message a few days ago

  41. Kev

    Ah, OK.

  42. Kev

    I thought you meant Coversant in general :)

  43. stpeter

    "account suspended" or somesuch

  44. stpeter

    not sure I have Arc in my buddy list

  45. bear

    arc may not be able to make it - he also had a conflict with schedules

  46. stpeter

    ah ok

  47. stpeter

    I just invited Florian

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  49. Florian

    hi all

  50. bear

    we traded emails, I told him about the agenda and invited him to send email if he had an special requests

  51. stpeter

    hey :-)

  52. stpeter

    so it seems that the Board has a quorum

  53. bear


  54. bear

    should be a fast meeting - shall we start?

  55. stpeter

    fire away, boss!

  56. Ashley


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  58. bear

    I had only two items to talk about, does anyone have anything to add to the agenda?

  59. bear

    first item is post FOSDEM - as peter pointed out, we should make sure the checklist is updated

  60. Ashley

    do we need to talk about the github TOS?

  61. bear adds to the list

  62. Kev


  63. bear

    I'll send an email to the members list asking everyone to update that wiki page with anything they fell is needed for next year

  64. bear

    do we have any financial obligations (billing sponsors, paying someone from receipts)?

  65. bear

    no? ok

  66. bear

    if anyone has anything to add to the followup, please do pile onto the email I'll send in a bit

  67. stpeter

    I've updated http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_Checklist

  68. bear


  69. stpeter

    bear: I need to send invoices / receipts for dinner sponsors, will do that Friday afternoon

  70. bear


  71. stpeter adds it to his calendar

  72. bear

    ok, next item - Office(r) assignments

  73. bear

    I need to send an email from the board to the current Officers asking if they want to remain

  74. bear

    if not, then we need to find new warm bodies

  75. bear

    plus we need to find a Treasurer - right?

  76. Alex

    I volunteer again for secretary

  77. bear

    that is very much appreciated Alex

  78. stpeter

    bear: we've essentially not had a Treasurer since the old Jabber Inc. days, I've been serving pro-tem in that capacity but I think think it might be good to have someone else fill that role for the sake of transparency

  79. bear

    agreed, the hard part is finding someone who 1) has the skills and 2) is close enough to you to review the books properly

  80. bear

    I know I have no skills with non-profit accounting

  81. Alex

    and 3) be familiar with US laws

  82. bear

    is this something we open to the members list? my opinion is that it may be opening us up for some grief if we just send a blanket email

  83. stpeter

    it doesn't need to be a member

  84. stpeter

    another option is to use a bookkeeping service of some kind, of course

  85. stpeter

    but our volume is quite low

  86. bear

    maybe I should ask Julie from &yet if she wouldn't mind

  87. bear

    she does our books and a number of other non-profits

  88. stpeter

    ah, that's not a bad idea

  89. bear

    k, lets table treasurer until the board members who are absent can bring up some possibilities - i'll send an email to them saying that I will be approaching julie and for them to bring up some solutions

  90. stpeter

    Jack Moffitt volunteered to do it a while back but we never got him set up properly at the bank

  91. stpeter

    bear: sounds good

  92. bear

    he mentioned he might still be interested, i'll reach out

  93. stpeter

    and Jack is really too busy anyway

  94. stpeter


  95. stpeter

    he always seems to be busy, anyway :-)

  96. bear

    yea, serial entrepeneur and all that

  97. bear

    ok, moving on...

  98. bear

    github tos

  99. bear

    I don't think it's an issue anymore

  100. Ashley

    so, as i read it, the github tos doesn't seem to make any claims about IP ownership

  101. Ashley

    ah, well, in that case… :)

  102. bear

    having read it, it no longer has some of the onerous issues that it used to years ago

  103. bear was agreeing with Ashley

  104. Kev

    This is explicitly only for mirroring and not for accepting contributions, right?

  105. bear


  106. Ashley

    that's our use case, right?

  107. stpeter

    right, just mirroring

  108. bear

    everything goes thru the mailing list for submissions, so we wouldn't use it for PullRequests or Issues

  109. Zash

    BTW: http://tos-dr.info/#github

  110. Kev

    I'm still not clear what the great rush to mirror to github as well as gitorious that we've been using for years, but anyway. /me goes back to lurking.

  111. Alex

    I think this discussion is some kind of conflict between open source developers and commercial developers. Because they have a different viewpoint when it comes to copyright and ownership

  112. Zash

    For short summary

  113. stpeter

    Kev: social coding :-)

  114. stpeter

    Kev: visibility etc.

  115. bear

    kev - I think the issue just became visible and it shown bright enough to distract folks from their coding and stirred up the ant hill

  116. bear

    once we say "ok, it's mirrored" things will settle down

  117. bear

    until someone asked for mercurial mirroring or some such

  118. stpeter

    anyway I've set up https://github.com/organizations/xsf (Pedro Melo transferred the 'xsf' account to me and I changed it into an organization)

  119. stpeter

    I see no problem with multiple mirrors

  120. stpeter

    anyway, tempest in a teapot AFAICT

  121. bear

    yep, i've added a logo and after I finish with the static site I will work on the git mirror commit hooks

  122. bear

    ok, lets settle this by being decisive and if someone really is bothered we can invite them to the infra team

  123. stpeter

    bear: happy to work with you on the static site

  124. stpeter

    bear: wfm

  125. bear

    I'll be posting a not tonight or tomorrow about that - it's down to text clean up now

  126. stpeter

    bear: super

  127. bear

    anyone with any major grief/issues/questions about github mirroring?

  128. Kev

    Not me.

  129. Ashley


  130. bear

    k, moving on

  131. bear

    last item - GSoC

  132. bear

    from the wiki page, it appears that we have 4 other folk to help with the admin side

  133. bear

    (other than me)

  134. stpeter

    (oh, as with Alex, I am willing to continue serving as executive director, but of course the board is welcome to search for other candidates :-)

  135. bear

    the wiki page being http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2013

  136. Alex

    thats not a lot

  137. bear

    dang - now I don't have anyone to send emails to asking for their continued support ! ;)

  138. Kev

    bear: My view is that there hasn't been sufficient interest from mentors of projects that we'd be able to have under us, and we should skip a year.

  139. Ashley


  140. stpeter

    I tend to concur with Kev

  141. bear

    I agree, knowing from past how much attrition happens to even the most ardent of supporters, I don't think we have sufficient coverage

  142. stpeter

    it's really about the projects, not the org admin type folks

  143. bear

    sounds like we have consensus

  144. stpeter

    but there are plenty of worthy projects out there and there's no use taking up space in GSoC if we can't have an effective summer

  145. bear nods

  146. bear

    ok, unless someone objects, I will summarize it to the members that we do not have the resources to give the students the proper mentorship they require and will be skipping this year

  147. stpeter

    bear: well said

  148. Ashley


  149. Kev


  150. bear

    and if someone complains, I will invite them to be on the gsoc team next year

  151. stpeter


  152. Alex


  153. Kev

    Oh, quite the opposite.

  154. Kev

    If someone complains but didn't offer to help in advance...

  155. stpeter


  156. bear

    true, I would need to put on my "kev" hat when dealing with them (or my "cridland" hat)

  157. bear

    k, approaching 30(ish) minutes, any other issues to deal with?

  158. stpeter

    I think we're done

  159. bear

    ... not hearing anything ...

  160. bear bangs the gavel

  161. Kev


  162. stpeter

    thanks, all

  163. bear

    thanks everyone

  164. bear wanders off to write some emails

  165. Ashley


  166. ralphm

    bear: good plan!

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  172. jabberjocke

    Hi was thinking of having a workshop around xep for sensorsystem

  173. jabberjocke

    do we have access to a webex account?

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  175. jabberjocke

    and do any of you have any history around the issues with using xmpp for sensor data

  176. bear

    jabberjocke - you should ask this in the jdev chat room - you will get more people listening

  177. jabberjocke

    yes thanks will do that

  178. jabberjocke

    but do xsf have any support for holding meetings such as webex

  179. bear

    most of the meetings we hold are chat only

  180. bear

    because of how distributed our members are and how many OSs that are not covered by webex

  181. bear

    now that doesn't say we don't use webex like during the last Summit

  182. jabberjocke

    Think it's good to have more direct discussion when having a workshop on the subject

  183. jabberjocke

    Will go for the mailinglists to collect intrest first and se how many that wuld like to participate

  184. ralphm

    We've traditionally always used text, as bear said, as that is usually more productive for multi-party discussions. That said, if you really need audio/video, I'd suggest using Google Hangouts

  185. ralphm

    maybe the Live variant, so that you can also have it recorded and published at Youtube

  186. jabberjocke

    good point thanks

  187. jabberjocke

    i've seen several different suggestions Sensor-Over-XMPP (aka SOX)

  188. jabberjocke

    was there any discussion during the summit of "internet of things" and real distributed sensor and control

  189. stpeter

    given that I work on the WebEx team I might be able to set something up ;-) but we could also use something free like http://conversat.io/

  190. ralphm


  191. jabberjocke

    It's probably just me being unused to just text

  192. ralphm

    jabberjocke: you are so missing out

  193. jabberjocke

    youre probably right about productivity

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  196. jabberjocke

    ralphm: you mean that there was a discussion during the summit?

  197. ralphm

    I meant that you are missing out on productive text-based discussions

  198. jabberjocke


  199. jabberjocke


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  201. bear

    meeting minutes: (done)

  202. bear

    officer summary: (done)

  203. bear

    i'll report on the github and static site status later tonight - first I need to make my $dayjob bosses happy ;)

  204. Kev

    Thanks. And thanks for looking after the migration.

  205. bear

    glad I can help

  206. bear toddles off to find some food

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