XSF Discussion - 2013-03-01

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  13. bear

    ugh, I so want to make a note/comment about folks needing to remember to be polite in responding to others... but i can't find the words to say it without sounding like someone's mother wagging her finger

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  15. stpeter

    bear: what's the context? one of the XSF lists?

  16. bear

    yes, the operators - I just got a bit twitchy reading some of the responses to the gtalk posting

  17. bear

    my thought when reading was "hey now, at least they are talking to us and responding, we should be civil in response" but that sounded preachy

  18. Kev

    I read it, I decided you can't moderate The Internet, and moved on.

  19. bear

    ha - yea, well, I haven't reached that level of zen yet

  20. Kev

    But it /is/ our list, so maybe I should have cared.

  21. bear

    the only reason it raised a concern for me was that it's the operators list and I feel that is like our customer support forum

  22. Kev

    But, you know, the other side to this is that if Google have suddenly started blocking federation...that's not good and trying to prevent people being irritated by it is going to be hard work.

  23. bear

    I do agree with the message being given by them, just would have liked it to be less contentiously delivered

  24. bear

    hell, maybe I am becoming all wishy-washy

  25. stpeter

    bear: :)

  26. ralphm

    maybe people are fed up with xmpp googlisms, but yeah, politeness goes a long way

  27. ralphm

    Per seems to handle it quite nicely so far

  28. bear

    part of why I said something first here :)

  29. ralphm

    what you /can/, though, is send him a personal message. Not to appologise, but to thank him for participating. We'd love more of that.

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  31. Kev

    Yes, that seems smart Ralph.

  32. bear

    send Per a message?

  33. Kev


  34. bear


  35. Kev

    You could also offer to help if they can better describe the issues they're facing.

  36. bear


  37. Kev

    That someone might have a preferable solution to blanket bombing S2S.

  38. Kev

    Hoorah for mixed metaphors :D

  39. bear laughs

  40. Kev

    I don't know why, I take some perverse pleasure in doing that.

  41. bear

    k, email sent direct to Per thanking him for posting and offering to help coordinate any resource wrangling that may be needed for any federation issue/problem/work

  42. Kev


  43. Kev

    "Bear, the gentler side of the XSF"

  44. bear

    if it helps, I will be the public facing teddy bear

  45. ralphm


  46. Kev

    No, not awesome. I do not want to see Bear in a teddy.

  47. bear adjusts his packing list for the next summit

  48. Kev

    To add the mind bleach?

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  50. bear

    that and an extra large towel to mop up the mess

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  66. bear

    peter - FYI and all that - i'm also class 2 certified at StartSSL if that helps in any way

  67. stpeter

    bear: cool, we can start a WoT for jabberites :-)

  68. stpeter

    I used to be Class 3 verified

  69. bear

    I went and did the class 2 so I could get a "proper" wildcard cert

  70. stpeter nods

  71. stpeter

    maybe I'll send such messages to members@ in the future :-)

  72. bear

    talked to a nice israeli lady during the confirmation :)

  73. stpeter


  74. Lance

    I'm going to upgrade to class 2 soon as well. My existing certs are about to expire

  75. bear

    hmm, bring up the conversation levels on members@ with more techy talk?

  76. stpeter

    bear: sure :-)

  77. bear

    tomorrow I need to figure out where the git repo lives on the server and see if I can get access to it

  78. bear

    I want to start storing the articles in it so others can help clean them up

  79. stpeter nods

  80. stpeter

    it's on athena

  81. stpeter

    I can track it down for you

  82. stpeter

    but right now I need to run

  83. stpeter


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