XSF Discussion - 2013-03-14

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  28. Kev So, I think we need to officially wrap up the 'maybe we'll do GSoC' thing. What do people think?
  29. bear +1
  30. Kev The only two mails of people interested in GSoC have gone completely unanswered, and we have only one project proposal - and I don't think that's a suitable one (creating a new project instead of contributing to an existing one).
  31. bear the only pushback would be me pointing out that pyconand ietf is happening so those who might be interested may be distracted..
  32. Kev How many weeks have those been happening for? :)
  33. bear :P
  34. bear i'll send a last call notice to members@
  35. Kev I wouldn't bother.
  36. bear k
  37. Kev That statement was only what it said :)
  38. Kev I wouldn't bother - you can if you want.
  39. bear yep, was already typing the email
  40. Kev My problem is that needing to cajole people to this extent needs to continue for quite some time.
  41. Kev So if no-one's driving projects enough at the moment to get ideas, no-one's going to be putting in the cat herding time for the rest of GSoC.
  42. bear yep, that I completely agree with
  43. Kev And I've always found that's the most time consuming part, outside of the 'teaser tasks' weeks at the start.
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