XSF Discussion - 2013-04-04

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  136. stpeter

    kevin: can we help you?

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  138. kevin

    stpeter: hi. I want to discuss something

  139. kevin

    I want to create an android app.

  140. kevin

    It is important to do it in java? Or?

  141. Ashley

    i think android basically presumes java

  142. kevin

    Hmm..so without java it won't work

  143. Ashley


  144. Ashley

    JDK 6 <http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html> (JRE alone is not sufficient)

  145. Ashley


  146. Ashley

    looks like you can use C or C++ as well via NDK

  147. kevin

    Hmm.. Thanks. After learning golang and haskell. I have to go back to java then. Wew

  148. bear

    you can code android apps in java, mono/c# or python now

  149. bear

    mono/c# has full support and even an IDE and emulator

  150. kevin

    bear: Python? Hmm. Python will be good. I have good experience of it

  151. bear

    it's python+qt

  152. bear

    but the python apps have their own complexity because your dealing with another full layer of abstraction to the java api

  153. kevin

    bear: my app will be based on Jabber/XMPP chat. What do you think now? Java? Or c#

  154. bear

    I would stick Java or c# -- because it's XMPP it all depends on if that language has support for the XMPP features you need (unless you like writing libraries ;)

  155. bear

    the advantage of Java is that their are already open source clients written that you can jump start from

  156. kevin

    Ah. Thanks dude. Have a great day ahead

  157. bear


  158. Ashley

    good luck!

  159. kevin

    Thanks guys.

  160. Kev

    Or C++, then you get to use Swiften :p

  161. bear

    also a very good point

  162. kevin

    Huh. I guess, java will be better because will be adding some new features to the app(including Jabber/XMPP chat)

  163. bear

    the best will be the one that you can code in to get the app done

  164. bear

    (said honestly)

  165. kevin


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