XSF Discussion - 2013-04-11

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  35. Lance

    Alex what's your preferred way to input ballot data and get the results?

  36. Alex

    currently its writing the output to an xml file

  37. Alex

    I can send you such an file

  38. Lance


  39. Alex

    I have written some own tools which parse this files, so it would be great when we can use this format for now, and then maybe later add some admin commands to the bot which replaces this tools and displays the results

  40. Lance


  41. Lance

    is the ballot data an xml file as well?

  42. Kev

    I don't have strong opinions on (1) or (2) BTW, whichever's best for the people all around.

  43. kevin is shocked after reading about the facebook chat feature http://developers.facebook.com/docs/chat/

  44. Lance

    kevin which part shocked you?

  45. bear

    we should be able to get the bot running - if not we can always punt

  46. kevin

    they too use XMPP. :-s

  47. Alex

    Lance you have email

  48. Lance

    Alex thanks! do you have a ballot items xml file as well?

  49. Alex

    I will checkout the new code this evening and make tests

  50. Alex

    yes, forgot to send the input file, but I am flexible on this format

  51. Alex


  52. Lance

    got it. thanks again

  53. Alex

    thanks to you, for hacking on this stuff

  54. bear

    ugh - 0400

  55. bear

    time for me to turn into a pumpkin

  56. Alex


  57. bear

    lance - let me know what is needed and I'll work on that tomorrow (or whenever your ready)

  58. Lance

    bear basically, install redis

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  60. bear

    pfft - I think I can handle that :)

  61. Alex

    Requirements of the bot are: 1) talk only to subscribed users /members, or a list of members from a file, what ever is easier for you. 2) read the questions from a configuration file, send then to the voter 3) write a result file when the voting is done

  62. Alex

    council voting is more complicated, but we don't need this now

  63. bear

    ouch - redis 1.2 - I think I'll install from tarball

  64. bear

    lance - redis 2.6 is running, localhost only, 2 db's defined, port 6379

  65. Lance

    thanks bear

  66. Lance

    now go to bed

  67. Lance


  68. bear


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  77. Lance

    Alex: updated my memberbot to use a custom input file, and use the existing output file format

  78. Lance

    should be ready to roll out tomorrow

  79. Alex

    great stuff, let me know when there is a version for testing, Then I'll try to run and test it on athena

  80. Lance

    it should be ready for testing now if you pull master. just need to: 1) change JID/password in memberbot.py to whatever you need, 2) update data/xsf_roster.txt to include a jid you want to test with

  81. Lance

    and now it's late and i need to head to bed. night

  82. Alex

    ok thanks

  83. Alex

    I don't think redis is installed on athena, so I have to poke and admin

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  88. bear

    alex - I installed redis earlier on athena

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  91. Alex


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  132. Alex

    Lance: I don't get the bot running

  133. Lance

    any errors?

  134. Alex

    what files must I copy to athena to get it running?

  135. Alex

    I checked out your github sources and copied them to athena, and checked out a sleekxmpp version

  136. Lance

    ok, then that should be good

  137. Alex

    sleekxmpp must be in a subdir?

  138. Lance

    no, just python setup.py install

  139. Lance

    also pip install redis

  140. Lance

    then in memberbot source: cd memberbot; python memberbot.py

  141. Lance

    and you can edit memberbot.py to use the proper jid/password

  142. Lance

    and edit data/xsf_roster.txt to include your own jid that you want to test voting with

  143. Alex

    ok, lemme try

  144. Alex

    gnauck@athena:/var/xsf/voting$ cd new_memberbot/ gnauck@athena:/var/xsf/voting/new_memberbot$ python memberbot.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "memberbot.py", line 11, in <module> import voting File "/var/xsf/voting/new_memberbot/voting.py", line 2, in <module> import redis ImportError: No module named redis

  145. Alex

    looks like redis is missing

  146. Alex

    but bear said he installed it on athena

  147. Lance

    you still need the python redis module

  148. Lance

    easy_install redis or pip install redis

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  150. Alex

    Downloading/unpacking redis Downloading redis-2.7.2.tar.gz (50Kb): 50Kb downloaded Running setup.py egg_info for package redis Installing collected packages: redis Running setup.py install for redis Successfully installed redis Cleaning up...

  151. Alex

    but still same error message

  152. Kev

    Just whatever you do be careful where you start installing packages.

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  154. Kev

    I believe we have virtualenv on athena, pointing at stuff in /usr/local/virtualenv

  155. Alex

    yup there is

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