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  45. stpeter hi Lance, I'm working on the SoX spec even as we speak
  46. Lance nice!
  47. stpeter nice and ugly :P
  48. Lance i'm catching up on the jidprep emails now
  49. Kev I've not read any of those yet.
  50. Kev Has xsf@ become the new jdev@?
  51. stpeter yep
  52. stpeter y'know that whole J thing is so passé
  53. MattJ waqas keeps sending me Prosody patches to benchmark (I use a "server" under my desk)
  54. MattJ I'm somewhat busy, so I've just spent the afternoon writing a benchmarking bot that he can send patch URLs to...
  55. stpeter heh, jabber.org used to run under Jeremie's desk ;-)
  56. MattJ Scary thought :)
  57. stpeter well, there were only a few users back then!
  58. Kev Just like now!
  59. stpeter well, less than 500 registered users :-)
  60. stpeter I noticed that the xmlns for hopcheck is "http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0219.html#ns", not urn:xmpp:hopcheck:0 or whatever....
  61. stpeter maybe that was an interim approach we were taking at the time
  62. stpeter bbl
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