XSF Discussion - 2013-05-13

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  45. stpeter

    so I'm thinking about holding an XMPP hackathon in Berlin at the end of July, right before the IETF meeting

  46. stpeter

    focused on s2s, federation, DNSSEC, POSH, etc.

  47. stpeter

    and WebSocket maybe :-)

  48. Lance

    I won't be in Berlin, but yeah

  49. Lance

    I got stanza.io working directly with websockets, and even with jumping through the hoop of detecting the stream namespace prefix, it's very easy to get the websocket stuff running

  50. stpeter


  51. stpeter

    we might need to recruit you to talk about the xmpp-over-websocket spec in Berlin :P

  52. Lance

    so i'm -1 on the discussion about needing some new stream start element. it's just too easy to make it work to justify changing the protocol

  53. stpeter nods

  54. stpeter

    that's good to hear

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