XSF Discussion - 2013-05-24

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  73. ralphm even though moving on is a good thing, watching http://display.ik.nu/xmpp for a while is quite entertaining.
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  75. ralphm (note that it updates whenever a tweet comes in)
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  78. bear I have been enjoying seeing the new posts scroll by
  79. bear glad working with Kev and others have tempered my "blog first, think second" impulse - the community seems to be picking up on the issue and I was glad to see the EFF post about it
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  81. ralphm bear: indeed.
  82. ralphm bear: were you ballistic?
  83. bear very
  84. ralphm that is scary
  85. ralphm even from quarterway across the globe
  86. bear I tend to be grumpy like that only when I'm at my desk - get me out with people and I almost never get mad
  87. ralphm :-D
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  90. ralphm bear: by the way, I added a new feature to ikdisplay today. If you hover over the date below each event, you can click through to the corresponding page. In this case, the actual Tweet.
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