XSF Discussion - 2013-05-25

  1. bear

    ralphm - now that is very useful!

  2. bear

    (I had been cut-n-paste'ing)

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  8. ralphm

    bear: we aim to serve :-)

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  24. ralphm

    There, yet another piece of prose: https://plus.google.com/116276248303121270590/posts/ggNwh9eLYWu

  25. ralphm

    No I really should sleep

  26. ralphm


  27. bear


  28. ralphm

    bear: any good?

  29. bear

    yes, I liked your rebuttal and even tone

  30. bear

    I'm looking forward to it generating a lot of conversation

  31. ralphm

    I hope so

  32. ralphm


  33. ralphm

    by the way, awesome how that story is syndicated, but the comments are not

  34. bear

    yea, it got picked up fast - the cynical side of me thinks the author did that late on a friday for that reason

  35. bear

    because any response will be way delayed due to the holiday

  36. ralphm

    I thought the same thing

  37. ralphm

    upvoting that link on ycombinator might keep it on the front page long enough, though

  38. ralphm

    oh, right

  39. ralphm

    fortunately the XMPP cabal never sleeps

  40. ralphm

    in fact, I was ready to sleep, but instead started writing all that. it is 01:27 now

  41. bear

    hehe - go to sleep

  42. bear

    Peter has the proper idea/response I think - deal with it in time and enjoy the weekend that we have now

  43. ralphm


  44. ralphm

    oh heh, a AndrewDucker has posted my rebuttal to HN as well

  45. bear

    cool - it's always better when others make those links

  46. ralphm