XSF Discussion - 2013-05-29

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  63. ralphm https://plus.google.com/113169713749496726739/posts/g2h4vS1GoCj
  64. MattJ Wrooong logo
  65. ralphm yeah whatever
  66. MattJ :)
  67. ralphm also, by the way, an awesome logo, if I may say so
  68. MattJ Heh, true :)
  69. MattJ Anything new in the article though?
  70. ralphm (I made that particular picture with .org in it)
  71. MattJ I don't fancy reading another article based on facts I know filled in with suspicions the author derives from them
  72. ralphm MattJ: I guess you will be disappointed by eh, basically all reporting
  73. MattJ Right :)
  74. ralphm however, apparently the press can interact with Google, unlike us
  75. stpeter ralphm: actually, a journalist did send me an email message at 3:30 on the Friday of a holiday weekend when I happened to be on PTO for the long weekend, if you call that interaction
  76. ralphm stpeter: I know I know
  77. stpeter :P
  78. ralphm stpeter: we should have such mail go to multiple people
  79. stpeter ralphm: let me check what address they used
  80. stpeter actually it was info@xmpp.org
  81. ralphm right
  82. ralphm and that only ends up with you, I suppose?
  83. stpeter currently, yes
  84. stpeter I've never seen anyone use that before :-)
  85. ralphm well, it is on the contact page of the xmpp.org site
  86. ralphm hard to find, too
  87. ralphm I never considered clicking on 'participate' to find the contact information
  88. ralphm I'd expect that page in the 'About' menu
  89. MattJ I went About->XMPP Standards Foundation->Contact
  90. ralphm MattJ: yeah, that works, too
  91. MattJ We should definitely make it easier
  92. ralphm most orgs have a footer with such details
  93. ralphm (for example)
  94. MattJ Is the website still changing? I've been trying to keep out of that affair this time round...
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  96. stpeter MattJ: good idea
  97. stpeter Simon offered to help with website, but I seem to have missed the email message in which he made that offer
  98. ralphm regarding that article I just linked, no joy. Definitely no s2s.
  99. stpeter ralphm: I didn't think so
  100. ralphm stpeter: me neither
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  102. ralphm Man, it is hard to keep up with conversions on Google Plus
  103. ralphm https://plus.google.com/112648813199640203443/posts/d4M9tr9KV2d
  104. ralphm some interesting comments by Jan Wildeboer
  105. ralphm apparently I am a head honcho
  106. ralphm Also, here with Evan Prodromou and Joseph Smarr: https://plus.google.com/104323674441008487802/posts/Bn4yH1WYvRs
  107. MattJ and the problem with getting too concerned about what people think about you, or the stuff you create, is that you end up finding wisdom like:
  108. MattJ "The problem with XMPP is that it requires several open ports (5222, 5223, 5269, 5298, 8010) on the client, on the technical and practical standpoint the reason why XMPP is unpopular to big players because many businesses won't be bothered to open their ports"
  109. stpeter MattJ: I prefer to do some work, rather than talk about it -- I guess that's why I'm not a PR person
  110. MattJ :)
  111. stpeter so if there are problems, let's fix them
  112. MattJ I laughed when I read your quote in the article
  113. stpeter oh I haven't read the article
  114. MattJ It was just your tweet about moving forward
  115. stpeter ah
  116. stpeter time for another conference call here... :-)
  117. MattJ Enjoy, mine was cancelled :)
  118. stpeter hmm, this one is 90 minutes...
  119. stpeter yay
  120. stpeter these people who pay me have discovered that I can be useful inside the company instead of just doing all that external standards stuff :P
  121. MattJ Wow
  122. MattJ You should have been more careful :)
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  126. Lloyd Hi guys, going to try broadcasting from this URL, not starting for 30 or so minutes yet though - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/543846eb1d85513f7fc3390e388c0f177b33ac63?authuser=1&hl=en-GB
  127. MattJ The irony ;)
  128. MattJ But thanks :)
  129. ralphm Oh come on, the joke is old now
  130. Lloyd indeed )
  131. Lloyd This is probably a better URL will attempt to find a better microphone
  132. Lloyd http://bit.ly/175jVmw
  133. Lance thanks for the feed Lloyd!
  134. Lance watches
  135. Lloyd No better microphone I'm afraid. Hopefully laptop will be clever enough to pick up and cancel out background noise. Making notes for next time!
  136. Lloyd Any feedback on camera angle/etc appreciated.
  137. Lloyd Going to raid mozilla beer fridge first :)
  138. Lloyd about to get started but there's a good delay on the youtube broadcast. Hope microphone is ok!
  139. ralphm Lloyd: the screen is unreadable
  140. ralphm Lloyd or whoever is typing. We can hear you!
  141. stpeter I'm at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RroA2NzzX64&feature=youtu.be -- is that semi-correct?
  142. Lloyd Looks right
  143. stpeter OK :)
  144. Lloyd Sorry guys mic not great, and camera neither. I need to buy a better webcam!
  145. Lloyd Next talk is about go, but live over hangouts from Buffalo, NY so should be very clear
  146. stpeter I think I have no audio, but perhaps that's because the sound is emanating far from the mic
  147. Lloyd After that its Ash Ward on WebRTC, then Florian on scaling in realtime using xmpp
  148. Lloyd Audio is off at present
  149. Lloyd We're eating pizza, but its not great any way I'm afraid
  150. stpeter heh ok
  151. stpeter sorry to hear it!
  152. stpeter is eating lunch while you're eating dinner :P
  153. MattJ is in-between
  154. stpeter MattJ: what time zone do you really live in? ;-)
  155. MattJ That varies from week to week :)
  156. stpeter heh
  157. stpeter we used to joke that Jer lived on Hawaii time
  158. MattJ I woke at 5am UTC yesterday, and 11am UTC today
  159. Lance I'm on whatever time lets me get a bit more sleep
  160. MattJ I should try making graphs
  161. ralphm graphs. I love graphs
  162. MattJ I've been recording the <show> of all participants in the Prosody MUC at 5 minute intervals for over a year
  163. MattJ Tobias made an initial graph of it, but it wasn't too interesting
  164. MattJ .
  165. MattJ Time to bump jabber.org again I guess
  166. MattJ Wait...
  167. MattJ spies stpeter
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