XSF Discussion - 2013-06-04

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  3. Jef

    Oi, Kev

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  15. Kev

    There's no point talking to me while I'm not here.

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  37. bear

    hmm, I was going to update the server list with the requested change for lightwitch... but I don't see it in the wordpress table thingy

  38. bear

    *sigh* I really should finish some of this work

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  41. Zash

    bear, https://github.com/stpeter/xmppdotnet

  42. Zash

    So, not wordpress

  43. bear


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  46. bear

    peter - if you want, add me to the contributor list and I can help with updates

  47. bear

    or just tell me to bugger off ;)

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  49. MattJ

    I didn't offer some time back because I knew I wouldn't be much better, but I have a little more time for general XSF stuff now

  50. bear

    handling these little things is easier for me to do - 10-15 minute chunks of time are easier to find

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  71. ralphm


  72. MattJ

    I guess tls-required is a local flag, and it doesn't enforce it without stream features or something?

  73. MattJ

    or it will do legacy auth without SASL, without checking

  74. Zash

    I guess it's the setting attached to the setting in the gui

  75. Zash

    the Require Encryption checkbox

  76. MattJ

    Where did you come from?

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  79. MattJ

    I'm so used to looking for you at the end of the nick list, and now you're at the top

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  81. Zash

    Order by presence/show?

  82. MattJ

    affiliation (prosody@)

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