XSF Discussion - 2013-08-21

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  25. denvercoder9 hello guys!
  26. ralphm hi denverite
  27. denvercoder9 :)
  28. Lance waves
  29. MattJ laps at the shore
  30. denvercoder9 why i can't discover service at jabber.org :/
  31. ralphm jabber.org is in the process of being upgraded
  32. denvercoder9 oh
  33. denvercoder9 ty
  34. ralphm also, I have to point out that jabber.org is ran by individuals, not the XSF
  35. Kev Should work fine at the moment though, minor s2s wibbles notwithstanding.
  36. Kev And when people can't disco it, it's usually because their server is limiting the size of the result stanza and bouncing it.
  37. denvercoder9 was seeking for help/hints becouse i'm writing a small xmpp library
  38. Lance denvercoder9: what language?
  39. denvercoder9 nodejs
  40. Lance not satisfied with node-xmpp?
  41. denvercoder9 not at all :)
  42. denvercoder9 code is a mess
  43. MattJ A long time back I wrote a short-and-sweet XMPP library for Node, modeled on Strophe's API
  44. denvercoder9 i'm planning on starting from the ground again for fun..
  45. MattJ but node-xmpp implemented more features, became more popular, and I don't like Javascript on the server in general anyway, so I stopped maintaining it
  46. denvercoder9 we use node daily in my company and we just need an xmpp library to implement a server (and maybe a client)
  47. Kev You want to implement your own server?
  48. ralphm denvercoder9: have you consider just contributing to node-xmpp instead?
  49. denvercoder9 mmm nope, i want to use this project to learn more about node
  50. Lance denvercoder9: if you open source it, send a link. i'm a node/js dev too, always interested in these things
  51. ralphm denvercoder9: trust me. Writing an XMPP server from scratch doesn't sound like the best project for getting to know node better.
  52. ralphm but that's just me
  53. Kev Writing a client lib might be a somewhat better target.
  54. denvercoder9 are the first 3 rfcs listed here good to start coding a base lib?
  55. denvercoder9 http://xmpp.org/xmpp-protocols/rfcs/
  56. MattJ Yes
  57. denvercoder9 Lance, of course i'll open source it :)
  58. MattJ and implementing an XMPP server is certainly not recommended, unless you want it to take over your life
  59. denvercoder9 my life for a basic xmpp server?!
  60. MattJ That's the deal
  61. MattJ Because it only *starts* basic
  62. denvercoder9 nha not sure..in my company we'll work on this in a team of 5
  63. MattJ )
  64. MattJ :)
  65. denvercoder9 but why not taking my life over this :D
  66. denvercoder9 i do this just for fun (as when coding at work too) so i'll enjoy this :)
  67. MattJ :)
  68. MattJ I'm just joking, because it's what happened to me
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