XSF Discussion - 2013-08-29

  1. Alex

    hi guys, lets start in 2 minutes

  2. Alex bangs the gavel

  3. Alex

    you can see our Agenda for today here: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/meeting-minutes/xsf-member-meeting-2013-08-29/

  4. Alex

    1) Call for Quorum

  5. Neustradamus

    I can vote?

  6. Alex

    as you can see 35 members voted via proxy, so we have a quorum

  7. Alex

    2) Items Subject to a Vote

  8. Neustradamus

    or it is late?

  9. Alex

    New and Returning membersVote yes or no for the Q2 2013

  10. Alex

    you can see all applicants here: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_Q2_2013

  11. Alex

    3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

  12. Alex

    Neustradamus: now you can

  13. Alex

    memberbot is still online, so please vote

  14. Neustradamus

    one moment, I will !

  15. Alex

    ok, anybody else wants to vote in the meeting?

  16. MattJ

    waqas, did you vote? :)

  17. Alex

    whats his Jid?

  18. waqas

    I did

  19. waqas


  20. Alex

    waqas (at) prosody.im boted

  21. Alex

    waqas is a ghost, don't see him in the list of this room in Psi

  22. waqas

    Indeed, haunting the XSF, since I don't remember when

  23. Neustradamus


  24. Alex

    ok, your vote is recorded

  25. Alex

    I shutdown the bot and prepare the results

  26. Alex

    4) Announcement of Voting Results

  27. Alex

    when you reload teh page at: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/meeting-minutes/xsf-member-meeting-2013-08-29/ you can see the results

  28. Alex

    all new and returning members are accepted

  29. Alex

    5) Any Other Business?

  30. MattJ

    None here

  31. Alex

    none here either

  32. MattJ

    Quiet one today :)

  33. Alex


  34. Alex

    6) Formal Adjournment

  35. Alex

    I motion that we adjourn

  36. MattJ


  37. Alex bangs the gavel

  38. Alex

    thanks guys

  39. MattJ


  40. Alex


  41. Zash


  42. Alex

    now I see waqas

  43. MattJ


  44. Alex


  45. MattJ

    I need to upgrade this server soon

  46. Alex

    I have to switch the client

  47. Alex

    some annoying bugs in PSI, and no updates coming

  48. MattJ

    Switch to SWIFT :)

  49. Neustradamus

    there are some bugs since the jabber.org migration :/

  50. Alex

    multiple accounts are missing in Swift

  51. waqas

    SWIFT is now all caps?

  52. MattJ

    waqas, you haven't been keeping up ;)

  53. Zash

    Alex: You meant that you have too many accounts :P

  54. Neustradamus

    When Swift will have multiple accounts, OTR, GPG support, ... I will change ;)

  55. waqas

    i.e., never

  56. Alex

    Zash: ya, logged in with 3 accounts most of the time. Should switch everything to one Jid

  57. Zash

    One JID to rule them all

  58. Zash

    and in the darkness <bind/> them

  59. Alex

    we need get message forwarding deployed

  60. waqas

    Alex: Message Carbons is what you want

  61. waqas

    No, that's the multiple device case, not the multiple JID one

  62. Alex


  63. Zash

    Cross-account carbons, why not?

  64. Alex

    there was a XEP for forwarding I think

  65. Alex

    like email, forward all emails from adress A to address B

  66. Neustradamus

    http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0297.html this?

  67. Alex

    Neustradamus: yes, exactly

  68. Alex

    just found it as well ;-)

  69. Zash

    But how would you reply?

  70. Alex

    with my other address, original address must probably included in the stanza

  71. Alex

    but some servers will reject it when the other address has no subscription

  72. Alex

    so not that simple I guess

  73. Alex

    chat is no like email, people will not IM you when you show offline all teh time, so I think that makes not much sense