XSF Discussion - 2013-10-04

  1. MattJ ralphm, so are you booked into Jupiter too?
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  4. ralphm MattJ: I haven't booked yet
  5. ralphm I should fix that, but going to sleep first
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  43. ralphm oh man
  44. ralphm I just got a guy asking about connecting Wokkel to Google Cloud Messaging
  45. Lance cool
  46. ralphm turns out they don't do STARTTLS
  47. ralphm but TLS like the old SSL stuff on 5223
  48. Lance ... what?
  49. Lance headdesk
  50. ralphm yeah
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  52. Dave Cridland Ugh.
  53. ralphm https://developer.android.com/google/gcm/ccs.html
  54. ralphm read and weep
  55. Dave Cridland There is, of course, the argument that we should be able to handle "just do TLS", given that if it's not a "<", it's TLS.
  56. Dave Cridland But not in any kind of backwards compatible way.
  57. MattJ ralphm, Dave Cridland: so... which hotel(s)?
  58. ralphm All of them
  59. MattJ Did you book Jupiter yourself or through &yet?
  60. ralphm MattJ: I did this: manual reservation for the 16th at Jupiter. 17-19 through RealtimeConf at Jupiter (to be combined with the 16th), 20-22 at Mariott. Leave on the 23rd
  61. MattJ ok
  62. ralphm coming in at 149(+21 tax) + 575 + (149+2x163)
  63. MattJ So complicated
  64. MattJ Someone needs to rewrite this in Lua
  65. ralphm I think it is still cheaper than going via my company reservation system