XSF Discussion - 2013-10-15

  1. bear I posted a note to the blog about the elections and meeting details
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  11. stpeter bear: thanks for the blog post!
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  85. SM Hi Dave
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  88. stpeter SM: send me a message (my IM client crashed)
  89. SM Done
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  96. SM Dave, what's your opinion about http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2013-October/007268.html ?
  97. Dave Cridland There's a lot there. My take-home from that is Peter Waher sees marketing, and motivating the membership to take on more of the grunt work.
  98. SM Well, it is a good way to get a community
  99. Dave Cridland I'm aware that stpeter has expressed an interest in delegating some of the work he currently takes on himself.
  100. SM Seriously, it would be good for the long term
  101. SM The membership seems rather quiet
  102. fippo mh... i wonder which of the two parts will be harder.
  103. fippo SM: exactly :-/
  104. SM fippo, you mean getting rid of the members or of Peter?
  105. fippo stpeter is sacrosanct so that's not a question ;-)
  106. Dave Cridland fippo, Marketing or motivation, I assumed you meant.
  107. SM Wait, we agreed on veggie pizzas
  108. SM so nothing is sacrosaint
  109. fippo dave: right. sm: hm... point!
  110. SM Ok, let's be serious. As I mentioned, there are good people
  111. SM It is a matter of using their talents
  112. SM And now having one person doing all the work
  113. Dave Cridland fippo, I think both are very hard, but people at least joined the XSF with some expectation of helping out.
  114. SM Dave, it seems to me taht peopel actually want to help out
  115. SM It takes some talk and organization on how to make that expectation work out
  116. Dave Cridland fippo, Plus I think there's a considerable kudos involved with being an "Assistant XEP Editor" or some such, so overall, I suspect getting our membership being more involved and active would be easier.
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  118. Dave Cridland However, it would involve stopping a certain nameless person from being such a total workaholic, too.
  119. SM Dave, I think the certain person can be encouraged:)
  120. fippo that persons gets cridlands bacon?
  121. SM No, his significant half would be overjoyed
  122. SM Cridland could be moved into marketing:)
  123. Dave Cridland I think there are candidates better suited to that than me.
  124. SM Dave, it is not about better suited
  125. SM It helps to spread the workload and someone must do it
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  127. Dave Cridland No, I mean, the marketing. I can follow orders on that, but I can't properly structure a campaign.
  128. SM Dave, it takes team work. It is not like a person can think about everything
  129. Dave Cridland Sure, but one person needs to have the skill to pick the overall strategy for a particular area.
  130. SM Dave, I would disagree about that
  131. SM It is for a group to come up with a strategy
  132. SM It is easier when everyone things about a part
  133. SM Else mistakes happen
  134. Kev There's a difference between "It makes sense to have someone with experience lead something" and "one person must do everything alone".
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  136. SM Yes, Kev
  137. fippo it's all about feedback in the end
  138. SM Speaking of feedback, fippo, waiting for you to post to members@:)
  139. Dave Cridland Right. I'm not suggesting one person should operate in a vacuum and decide everything without reference, but while I may be able to make comments about marketing, I'm not qualified to structure a marketing strategy from scratch.
  140. SM Dave, do you know XSF?
  141. fippo arr... i'll compose something on the flight to portland. but then, I have stickers, so do I really need to post? :-)
  142. Dave Cridland I'd not get many votes if I said "No", would I?
  143. SM fippo, seriously, it would help
  144. SM Yes:)
  145. SM Dave, you know the community
  146. SM You know what would be bad
  147. SM That's a start
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  149. fippo dave: if a marketing person explains a plan to you and you don't understand it, you would ask, right?
  150. Dave Cridland Right, I can run oversight. But I'm not foolish enough to think I can write the plan in the first place.
  151. SM Dave, can you spot a person who can write one?
  152. Dave Cridland I can make reasonable guesses.
  153. SM It's good enough
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