XSF Discussion - 2013-10-16

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  90. SM Hi Ashley, nice message
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  113. fippo SM: thanks for encouraging me, I think it was worth it ;-)
  114. SM :-)
  115. SM BTW, I did not get your message. I'll read the archives
  116. fippo ah... forgot to CC you/laura. apologies :-/
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  118. SM Let me comment on the list
  119. SM I'll add Laura
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  121. Dave Cridland Hard to keep up with this thread, now. :-)
  122. SM Oh, you should have seen my working group:)
  123. SM So if I read it correctly, Dave and Kevin flamed me?:)
  124. Dave Cridland Oh, I can flame better than that.
  125. SM Are you sure?:)
  126. Dave Cridland Well, nobody's contacted me off-list to calm down yet. :-)
  127. SM :D
  128. SM BTW, are there members from Asia?
  129. Dave Cridland I thought we had a couple. Primarily it's Europe and the US, though.
  130. SM Hmm, it helps to have some people from Japan
  131. Dave Cridland We have a very marked European slant, compared to most organizations. I often wonder if that's related to the (usually very successful) Summit we hold at FOSDEM.
  132. SM That was the odd thing, XSF is more European than the usual SDOs
  133. Zash There were some from Japan last year in Brussels right? Maybe there should be a summit in Asia too?
  134. Zash Doen't the IETF rotate their meetings between America, Europe and Asia?
  135. Dave Cridland Right, but FOSDEM is much much larger than RTC, and our engagement is better. We usually have a room (not this year, but this is the first for ages) and recently we've had a "Realtime Lounge" as well. I don't know that this is the cause for our European concentration, or if it's a product of it, but I can't think it hurts.
  136. Dave Cridland Zash, US mostly, with one a year in EU or Asia.
  137. Dave Cridland Zash, And we had Japanese presenters in 2012's Brussels Summit, didn't we?
  138. Zash Dave Cridland: I believe so.
  139. SM Zash, yes. But there is also the cost element.
  140. Dave Cridland SM, I think we have more funds per head than the IETF, though.
  141. SM Dave, did you hear about LINE?
  142. Dave Cridland I don't think so.
  143. SM They chose a proprietory protocol instead of XMPP.
  144. Zash LINE?
  145. SM They are said to have 100 million users.
  146. SM Zash, http://line.naver.jp/en/
  147. Zash Ah
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  152. fippo dave: I mostly have ideas how to make sure that the chrome team realizes how thin their sdp cover ontop of libjingle is ;-)
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  155. Dave Cridland stpeter, Would you like someone else to volunteer finding a restaurant?
  156. Dave Cridland stpeter, After all, several of us will be in Portland fairly shortly, might be easier for us.
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  163. stpeter yes, thanks, that's helpful, replied on list, bbiab....
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