XSF Discussion - 2013-10-24

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  45. Kev


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  47. Kurt

    howdy… found an interesting bug in voting bot.

  48. Kurt

    I only wanted to cast only some of my allocated votes… so I typed 0. It complained, I typed 0 again, it took that as voting for the last listed candidate.

  49. Kurt

    So I re-casted my ballot with my favorite candidate listed list, managed to cast all votes for him/her.

  50. Kurt

    I doubt this was the intended behavior :-)

  51. fippo sends lance a poke

  52. Kev

    I'm happy with this as long as the bot always puts me in the right position for the votes to count for me.

  53. Kev

    Otherwise it's terrible and must be fixed.

  54. Edwin Mons

    The council of Kevs

  55. Kev

    Super-efficient. Although if there's an argument I'm not sure who gets the deciding vote.

  56. ralphm agrees with :%s/Kev/ralphm/g

  57. fippo agress with :%s/Kev/fippo/g and promises lots of arguments

  58. Alex

    tried it as well now. Bot takes teh last applicant but still shows all applicants again for vote #2

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  69. Lance

    i'm on it

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  83. Kev

    Alexey asks if memberbot's offline.

  84. Kurt

    responds to my query

  85. Kev

    It's working for him now. I assume PEBKAC.

  86. Kev

    I think this whole 'Internet Applications' thing is quite new for him :D

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