XSF Discussion - 2013-11-07

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  97. fippo

    tobias: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/IETF-Streit-um-sicheres-HTTP-2-0-neu-entbrannt-2041890.html -- we really need to explain monika to let us review her articles before publication

  98. fippo

    the jabber community is only holding up the "opportunistic tls" flag, not the "tls" flag

  99. Tobias reads

  100. Tobias

    For service deployments: o require the use of TLS for both client-to-server and server-to-server connections

  101. Tobias

    maybe she misinterpreted that as strong authenticated TLS connections via trusted certs

  102. fippo

    i suppose "use of TLS" isn't really well defined

  103. Kev

    Well, it is in 6120

  104. Tobias

    does it imply which CAs are in your TA?

  105. Tobias

    or define those

  106. Tobias

    that's out of scope i think

  107. fippo

    well, 6120 says that one must check certificates

  108. fippo

    and opportunistic violates that because it (partially) ignores the results of the certificate check

  109. Tobias

    does it define what check certificate means?

  110. fippo

    http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6120#section- does that

  111. MattJ

    Observation: the XSF blog announced the start of voting, but not the close and results, and nothing about the summit either...

  112. fippo

    "board, get busy"? :-)

  113. MattJ

    Just an observation, I said :)

  114. fippo

    we could ask peter for notes :-))))

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  116. Tobias

    yeah..let's put more load on his todo

  117. fippo

    mattj: +1, currently we lack a warning sign "don't shoot yourself in the foot"

  118. bear

    *sigh* I knew there was something I forgot to do

  119. bear goes to draft the voting results post

  120. MattJ

    Sorry bear :)

  121. MattJ

    You need more minions

  122. bear

    plenty of minions, just need focus

  123. bear

    so getting reminded that things need to be done is helpful (well, for me that is)

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  126. MattJ

    fippo, I'm considering a mod_nothing_to_hide that echoes all your messages to a public MUC, pubsub or MAM archive

  127. fippo

    bear: can you draft one of your andyet minions to adulate lance @ http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/ :-)

  128. bear

    fippo - sure can

  129. fippo

    whoever baptized me "Hornsby Cornflower" can surely do that

  130. bear


  131. MattJ


  132. fippo

    mattj: after you've reviewed mod_turncredentials that sounds like a good idea :-)

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  136. MattJ

    fippo, ah yes :)

  137. fippo

    on the matter of board activity, we actually have (german) press writing about the manifesto before the xsf has a press relase

  138. fippo

    otoh, it's not an xsf activity

  139. fippo


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  141. Lance

    i'd love for the XSF to have and publish opinions on things affecting the XMPP network / community though. It's rather expected of us by other communities

  142. Lance tries to draft a short bio while waiting to board for vancouver

  143. fippo

    ah, you're not there the whole week?

  144. Lance

    no, just friday

  145. bear

    I have created a quick manifesto post

  146. bear

    fippo ^^

  147. fippo

    bear: ^5

  148. fippo

    https://www.loomio.org/discussions/3678?page=5 <-- if anyone wants to tell the diaspora people about xmpp (and webrtc)...

  149. MattJ

    You already did a good job :)

  150. bear

    yea, was reading to get context and see that fippo is already involved - nice work sir!

  151. fippo

    at some point i'll have to find a way to abandon strophe and use stanza.io

  152. Lance

    heh. you'll never be rid of strophe.jingle though :p

  153. fippo

    http://vancouver.conf.meetecho.com/WebLite/event.jsp?w=rtcweb btw

  154. fippo

    vp8 vs h.264

  155. Lance

    i just need to review what's needed for pranswer in jingle.js first..

  156. Lance

    who's winning?

  157. fippo

    lance: i'll see about refactoring my stuff and adding it to jingle.js

  158. fippo

    i need to update it for dtls support anyway

  159. bear

    they are working thru the h.264 fud and also wondering why google doesn't do what cisco just did

  160. fippo

    not sure, they haven't unpacked the vuvuzelas, kazoos and trumpets yet

  161. Lance

    gah! i should have brought kazoos

  162. fippo

    my position on that is clearly "i don't care about the video codec..."

  163. fippo

    i'm just wondering how to get adobe to implement VP8 so i can sell an old rtmfp server for lots of money (-:

  164. Lance


  165. bear

    "lets stop picking nits and arguing about points on the slide"... <-- must be new to IETF

  166. fippo

    "google's codec and the standard codec"

  167. fippo

    ted is great

  168. bear

    "I offered him a hug" :)

  169. Lance

    fippo: what was left to implement in jitsi's video bridge?

  170. fippo

    lance: i just started to work on it this week. on the bridge side it's not yet capable of ice yet (supposed to land this week)

  171. fippo

    on the client side i don't understand how it's supposed to be used. but emil will explain that to me tomorrow hopefully

  172. fippo

    after that it's hunting down issues

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