XSF Discussion - 2013-11-19

  1. dwd

    SouL, LoL doesn't quite use XMPP. It's been heavily modified because they had some severe integration problems as I understand things.

  2. Kev

    For a long time you could connect with standard clients, though. No idea if that's still true.

  3. dwd

    AIUI, you probably still can, but various things (like rosters) will behave very oddly.

  4. SouL

    Well, I don't know... I don't play videogames at the moment but I had a friend that could join into a conference of the game with a client

  5. dwd

    https://wiki.mozilla.org/Services/Presence#Overview Anyone else seen this?

  6. fippo

    just a couple of minutes ago

  7. fippo

    there was the suggestion that I should point them to SIMPLE :-)

  8. ralphm wacks fippo

  9. ralphm

    I notice that Facebook is a stated use case. Funny it has an XMPP client interface to work with :-D

  10. fippo

    heh, I responded that this would be cruel

  11. dwd

    We should probably find a volunteer to go discuss their requirements and whether XMPP could fulfill them.

  12. dwd

    Someone unlikely to suffer from a flippancy-overspill event. :-)

  13. dwd

    Ah, I've been told that Simon Tennant is already talking to them.

  14. SouL


  15. fippo


  16. ralphm

    Although it might make sense for BuddyCloud, quipping "we tried to ignore as much of XMPP as possible" will surely be convincing.

  17. Kev

    Presumably it's relevant whether Simon's talking with his BC hat on or XSF hat on.

  18. Kev

    And if the former, we should find someone to talk to them with an XSF hat.

  19. ralphm

    People don't generally distinguish hats at all

  20. ralphm

    I am pretty sure that are a lot of people within the XSF that don't agree with that sentence or the design decisions behind it.

  21. fippo

    i didn't talk there yet -- because it's way to tempting to say xmpp still has a presence scalability problem :-)

  22. fippo

    i do actually agree with 'most applications assume presence is "one friend list to rule them all" - different apps have different social circles'

  23. fippo

    but you can do that by extending the presence model of 6121

  24. ralphm

    fippo: indeed

  25. fippo

    i.e. the roster simply becomes a binary "known" decision used for filtering messages

  26. dwd

    fippo, XMPP's basic <presence/> is universal, but PEP can be sliced and diced to different Circles^Wroster groups.

  27. dwd

    Certainly in One Implementation That I Was Once Involved In, you could just set the access-model on a PEP node to be "roster", set the groups, and only those groups would see your atrocious taste in music, for example.

  28. fippo

    yeah, we have the groups already. we don't use them extensively, but we might

  29. fippo

    heh peter :-)

  30. ralphm

    XMPP and PEP specifically are discussed at length in the 2013-10-31 meeting notes

  31. dwd

    Which meeting?

  32. ralphm


  33. fippo

    i do wonder why they discuss that without asking jack moffitt...

  34. Kev

    Assuming everyone at Moz knows Jack may be a push :)

  35. fippo

    he's written a book so i assume he's famous. just like you :-p

  36. Kev

    How many people work on Moz?

  37. dwd

    Did you want an exact number, or does the closest win?

  38. ralphm

    Mozilla Corporation has 600+ employees, according to wikipedia

  39. dwd

    And more than 600 people know Jack, so therefore, everyone at Mozilla knows Jack.

  40. dwd is good at this logic stuff.

  41. Kev

    I'm glad we settled that.

  42. Lloyd

    Is bear the best person to contact to get a news story added to xmpp.org?

  43. dwd

    There's actually a few people who can do it. What's the story?

  44. dwd

    I think actually I can. If my account is still live.

  45. Lloyd

    Cool, will get an email to you. About the next XMPP/realtime UK with Joachim speaking.

  46. Edwin Mons

    Ah, the one I wanted to attend, but is conveniently scheduled a week before I'll be in London ;)

  47. Lloyd

    dwd: sent to dave@cri…. . Thanks.

  48. dwd

    Ah, can't do the events bit though.

  49. dwd

    Well, I can add it to the XML files, I suppose, but can't run calgen.py

  50. MattJ

    fippo, re. XMPP's presence scalability issue - I'm all for solving it (if and) when it becomes a problem :)

  51. MattJ

    (catching up on the log)

  52. fippo

    mattj: :-p

  53. Lloyd

    dwd: thanks, will email bear and let him know you've done the news bit

  54. dwd

    Lloyd, Ah. I don't seem to ahve an account. Or at least, not on this email address.

  55. dwd

    Lloyd, Sorry, should have checked that first...

  56. Lloyd

    dwd, ok then I'll just ask bear to do it all :) No problem, thanks for trying

  57. dwd

    Lloyd, We should probably sort out Laura with an account there, anyway.

  58. Lloyd

    dwd: yeah, I'll leave it for your board meeting ;)

  59. Kev

    Conveniently scheduled on my week off :)

  60. MattJ

    Convenient for whom? :)

  61. Kev

    Everyone who woludn't want me to be there :)

  62. dwd

    Come now. Who wouldn't want you to be there?