XSF Discussion - 2013-11-24

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  11. fippo ralphm: by those funny rules the answer seems to be yes
  12. fippo but bear, who hummed in the jabber room on the topic of h.264 vs vp8 is not
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  52. bear voting at an IETF meeting is allowed just by showing up - there are no "rules" about who can vote or not, if you show up and are interested you vote
  53. bear that's the votes are done by humms, it's to get a feel if the group as a whole is comfortable with the discussion
  54. fippo rtcweb doesn't care :-)
  55. bear that happens sometimes with some WG chairs
  56. fippo this whole thing is a waste of time... but i think it would be interesting to see what happens when you ask the chairs to count your vote :-)
  57. fippo would you mind if i claimed that rtcweb@jabber.ietf.org/bear was really me?
  58. bear if you have a reason to explore that, I do not mind
  59. fippo well, the logs don't contain any information which proves that rtcweb@jabber.ietf.org/bear was really you
  60. MattJ Does it matter?
  61. bear right, the jabber logs are informational
  62. MattJ How do I know you were really you in the room when you hummed? :)
  63. bear all the work/votes/foo that counts is in the mailing list
  64. bear well, physical room events they pass around a piece of paper for folks to register, but even that is optional as quite a few folks don't identify *at all* during meetings
  65. fippo well, not counting the people in the jabber room is going to add negative bias to the pro-vp8 camp
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