XSF Discussion - 2013-11-25

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  24. ralphm MattJ: how is it relevant *who* hummed, really. That's the whole point of it not actually being voting.
  25. ralphm The thing with the MUC people v.s. people there in person or on the mailing list or whatever is just a distraction of the real problem: the chairs not being able to ask for, or determine, the (lack of) consensus on MTI codecs for WebRTC.
  26. fippo oh... i just heard websockets will obsolete xmpp
  27. fippo the guy who said that was kindly pointed to lance's draft :-)
  28. ralphm haha
  29. ralphm and what happened next?
  30. Kev and then a bear came.
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  33. fippo http://bloggeek.me/webrtc-federation/
  34. fippo ...
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  37. ralphm fippo: hm
  38. fippo i still wonder whether to comment
  39. fippo probably http://hancke.name/why-send-some-a-URI-is-not-a-signalling-protocol is the best answr
  40. ralphm yup
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  43. ralphm fippo: I like emil's response, too
  44. Simon link?
  45. ralphm Simon: on the post itself
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  51. Zash "a Facebook Connect button"
  52. Zash yeeeeeah, no.
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  54. fippo woho
  55. fippo just had a colibri webrtc session with emil and yana from jitsi
  56. fippo the quality was awesome ;-)
  57. MattJ :)
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  66. ralphm http://www.newrepublic.com/article/115726/period-our-simplest-punctuation-mark-has-become-sign-anger
  67. fippo mh.
  68. fippo (i actually had to think before using a period)
  69. fippo so after a week of feeling like an old man, i am now feeling young again. thanks ralph
  70. ralphm Hey fippo, whatever.
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