XSF Discussion - 2013-11-26

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  53. Kev Does anyone have a link to the minutes for last week's meeting? I can't find them.
  54. Kev Or were they only sent to the board@ list?
  55. fippo cant find them either...
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  63. dwd https://fund.arkos.io/ -- Instant server, just add Raspberry Pi. Note that it includes a turnkey XMPP server.
  64. SouL yep
  65. dwd Is anyone involved with them already?
  66. dwd And does anyone know which XMPP server they (are intending to) use?
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  68. Zash Freedombox?
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  70. SouL I follow someguy at Diaspora* that knows something about arkos, I'll ask that.
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  75. ralphm From an initial search, my guess is that it would be Prosody.
  76. Zash \o/
  77. ralphm I think that contributing to this ticket will make that more likely: https://github.com/cznweb/genesis/issues/32
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  92. Kev Is it Monday or Tuesday in London?
  93. Kev Monday, nvm.
  94. MattJ It's the same day as the rest of the UK, Tuesday
  95. MattJ But while typing, I realised what you meant
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  99. Kev Looks like I might be able to make it after all.
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  102. Lloyd We've moved the event BTW. Now going to be at Shoreditch works, we're tacking on to the end of an IoT conference so will be a good opportunity for XMPP to get more exposure in that space.
  103. Kev Ah.
  104. Kev Got an address?
  105. Lloyd http://shoreditchworks.com <http://shoreditchworks.com/>
  106. Lloyd Its the "Village hall"
  107. Kev Ta.
  108. Lloyd We're on the end of http://redmonk.com/thingmonk/ which is a practical IoT hacking conf.
  109. Kev Time?
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  112. Lloyd Any time after the end of the conf as there'll be people around 6pm+
  113. Kev Assuming I'm not going to be able to turn up until 7ish at best, is there any point doing so, or will you all have gone home by then? :)
  114. Kev Over an hour and a half from the office - yikes.
  115. Kev I guess that means I'm not likely to be able to make it much before 19:30.
  116. Lloyd That's fine, we won't really get started until 7pm, and the first bit is probably me or Steffen doing an XMPP intro
  117. Lloyd I think you could potentially get away with skipping the intro bit
  118. intosi Make sure you pronounce it right.
  119. intosi Remember: zimpy
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  122. Kev I'm quite happy with pronouncing it zimpy :)
  123. intosi I thought you would be.
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  145. fippo https://twitter.com/HCornflower/status/405440973565468672 -- guess what, xmpp pushing webrtc forward once again :-)
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  151. Lance \o/
  152. Lloyd Go fippo!
  153. MattJ Go XMPP!
  154. fippo go Jingle!
  155. fippo i don't think that will be ready for todays council or board meeting though ;-)
  156. fippo er... tomorrow
  157. MattJ When will it be ready? And does it work with Prosody? :)
  158. fippo well, https://lambada.jitsi.net is currently powered by prosody
  159. fippo it's using MUC... but that's an implementation detail
  160. fippo i really need to work with emil on making CoLiBri ready for submission
  161. fippo it trumps muji
  162. MattJ and COIN?
  163. fippo and probably the hangouts stuff google never published as well
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  165. fippo well... i still dread COIN
  166. MattJ :)
  167. fippo but it's not used
  168. fippo three of the four clients in that videochat are mostly standard strophe.jingle ones
  169. fippo there is a proprietary extension, a custom jingle action
  170. fippo where i am not sure how to best solve that in a jingleish way
  171. SouL Awesom!
  172. SouL e*
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  174. dwd So I'm assuming you're set to demo this and have a proper spec by FOSDEM, right?
  175. dwd No pressure, or anything.
  176. fippo sure. colibri is a dumb one job protocol
  177. fippo easy to document
  178. fippo "hey bridge, get me a channel"
  179. dwd And the rest?
  180. fippo stock jingle
  181. fippo and working around chrome bugs
  182. fippo I had it working with lance's unmodified stanzaio client until recently
  183. dwd What's the "proprietary extension"?
  184. fippo an addsource jingle extension
  185. fippo which has ssma children (which will be standard as soon as the xmpp editor returns from the well-deserved vacation and the council votes)
  186. fippo but that's it
  187. dwd Oh, wait. So out of four clients, A B C and D, A says to the bridge "hey, dude, channel!" and then basically spoofs the bridge's transport params to B, C, and D?
  188. fippo A is called "focus"
  189. fippo but yeah, that's it
  190. dwd OK, nice. So B/C/D don't need any special sauce? They can just be naïve Jingle clients?
  191. fippo A also relays some more information from B to C and D, C to B and D and D to B and C
  192. fippo mostly.
  193. fippo they need a little bit of extra information in chrome right now
  194. fippo and the ability to demux multiple video streams on the same rtp session
  195. dwd Oh, you're muxing. Gotcha.
  196. fippo because chrome muxes now
  197. fippo at some point chrome is going to do different m-lines for that
  198. fippo at least that is what's called unified plan
  199. fippo I prefer the current plan (B)
  200. fippo but there is no roadmap for unified even
  201. fippo i'd note that with unified, we'd solve the proprietary stuff in a standard compliant way
  202. fippo because that makes it a content-add
  203. fippo but for now i'll go proprietary :-)
  204. fippo fast, evil corporate way
  205. Zash fippo: You have a muxer?
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  208. fippo zash: https://jitsi.org/Projects/JitsiVideobridge
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  212. Zash fippo: That wasn't a muxer last time I checked, just a focus point that relayed everything to everyone