XSF Discussion - 2013-12-03

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  19. fippo dwd: true point, no socks on hawaii
  20. dwd I already have my comeback for that ready. :-)
  21. Simon Hawaii? what's happening there?
  22. dwd IETF91.
  23. dwd November next year.
  24. dwd Or, possibly, last year.
  25. fippo this year
  26. Simon Is there a reverse correlation between the standard quality and the location quality?
  27. dwd fippo, Yes, that too.
  28. dwd Simon, Attendence should be good.
  29. fippo simon, ALL the important decisions next year will happen at IETF 91
  30. fippo that's what I told my boss
  31. Simon I see that Salesforce even gives out a template for presenting to bosses about how valuable dreamforce will be.
  32. Simon IETF could learn a thing or two.
  33. dwd http://valleywag.gawker.com/marc-benioff-is-the-ron-burgundy-of-tech-1469662002
  34. Simon http://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/DF13/justify-your-trip.jsp
  35. dwd "The Tuesday morning keynote lasted three and a half hours — a duration normally reserved for North Korean dictators."
  36. fippo dwd: hahhahaha @ comeback
  37. dwd I was going to go for underpants, but figured there was more comedic mileage with socks.
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  96. fippo http://www.chriskranky.com/i-cant-keep-nominating-tokbox/ -- does that mean we're spinsters
  97. fippo or are we not?
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  121. dwd Alex, I wonder if your mails should read "According to my records, the following people have *not yet* voted..."
  122. MattJ Heh, yes
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  124. MattJ Also, if it's a template... perhaps add the deadline date to it
  125. fippo we have lots of people from the .xml TLD :-)
  126. dwd fippo, That's true in *so* many senses...
  127. fippo dwd: the spinsters stuff?
  128. dwd The way we're all apparently from .xml.
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  130. bear fippo - I read it that we are not (or at least not called out directly as one)
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  132. MattJ What am I missing?
  133. bear the article fippo posted above
  134. MattJ Ha
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  136. Zash wat
  137. fippo bear: thanks to the food at RTC :-)
  138. dwd We should see if Chris can make it to FOSDEM. Bribe him with beer.
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  141. fippo i'll ask him in paris
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  146. bear wow - some people just seem to want to pick fights in mailing lists
  147. bear shakes his head
  148. MattJ Bad habit, sorry
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  150. bear I was not referencing you MattJ, not at all
  151. Kev He knew that.
  152. bear ah, ok
  153. bear crawls back into his my-goodness-it's-dark-at-1700-already cave
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