XSF Discussion - 2013-12-11

  1. fippo

    how can we survive without IMS?

  2. fippo

    let's stop doing this xmpp stuff and do IMS instead

  3. fippo

    so... identity providers are cooler than federation. because instead of two messaging servers you need one messaging server and an identity provider.

  4. fippo

    mh... I don't get that

  5. fippo

    people are hopefully going to like emils talk just because it doesn't tell them about IMS

  6. fippo

    stpeter: how many business agreements did you sign for jabber.org federation?

  7. Simon

    fippo: how do you mean?

  8. fippo

    i just heard federation requires business agreements

  9. Simon

    I have my servers and DNS make all my biz arrangements on my behalf. Job done.

  10. fippo nods

  11. fippo

    there is the implicit agreeement that you will behave properly, too

  12. Simon looks through bash history…

  13. Simon

    this server broke the biz agreement and was dealt with:

  14. Simon

    ip route add blackhole

  15. Simon

    (broken ejabberd setup)

  16. fippo


  17. bear

    board meeting in 30 minutes (or so)

  18. Dave Cridland

    There's a small but finit chance that Kev might not manage to squeeze the Council meeting into 20 minutes this time. :-)

  19. bear

    Agenda Items: G outreach update FOSDEM update (if any) any liason update from Council meeting

  20. bear

    yea, I suspect we may cause him some meeting angst today ;)

  21. bear

    oh poo! I am such an airhead - did not do minutes last week

  22. Kev

    Dave Cridland: It's almost guaranteed.

  23. Laura

    Is the Board meeting taking place today?

  24. bear

    yes, just waiting for the council meeting to finish

  25. bear

    and they are almost done

  26. simon

    I have to leave in 20 minutes.

  27. bear

    it will be a very fast one today

  28. bear

    if it goes more than 10 minutes we are bad bad people ;)

  29. bear

    ok, council meeting is over

  30. Kev

    Council's done.

  31. Kev

    11 items, 24 minutes. Go go gadget Board.

  32. bear

    quorom check? me, laura, simon - dave? ralph?

  33. stpeter


  34. Dave Cridland prepares to be bad bad people.

  35. bear

    nicely done Council!

  36. stpeter

    Kev: :-)

  37. simon

    what's the agenda today?

  38. bear

    ok, dave is here - ralph?

  39. bear

    GSoC Update, FOSDEM update if ralph is present, Liason request update

  40. bear

    ok, we have quorom

  41. bear bangs the gavel

  42. Dave Cridland

    Try ralphm too.

  43. bear

    ralphm ?

  44. bear

    GSoC update - basically the wiki page is up, gathering info - I will post another members@ mail item to stir the pot

  45. bear

    we have time before we have to submit so it's not urgent(ish)

  46. simon

    I have a bunch of xmpp topics from the buddycloud side that we're fleshing out and will post this evening.

  47. bear


  48. simon

    when is submission?

  49. bear

    oh poo- you would ask for dates - i'll find out and update the wiki with them

  50. bear

    after the meeting

  51. bear

    feb 03

  52. bear

    is when org applications start

  53. bear

    err 3 Feb 2014

  54. bear

    anything else for GSoC ?

  55. bear

    ok, Google outreach

  56. bear

    does anyone have anything new to add?

  57. bear

    if not, we can ask again next meeting

  58. bear

    ralphm? sounds like FOSDEM update is same as last week - no change

  59. Dave Cridland

    We should hear about the Lounge at the end of the week.

  60. bear apologizes if this is too fast of a pace

  61. Dave Cridland

    Well, SUnday, I think the announcement is.

  62. bear

    thanks dave

  63. bear

    ok, Peter - liason request to Council update?

  64. Dave Cridland

    Once we have that we can press on with t-shirts etc.

  65. bear


  66. bear

    Peter made the request to the Council for volunteers within the XSF to be found for a UPnP Work Team

  67. bear

    the council will ask for volunteers and get back to him

  68. bear

    ok, anything else to talk about?

  69. stpeter

    bear: we had a chat about it in the Council meeting -- I will work with the Council to write up a short set of "requirements" / "job description" for people to act as "observers" with the UPnP Forum

  70. bear

    thanks peter

  71. stpeter

    I will also send a PDF of the proposed agreement to the members list, once it is a bit more stable

  72. bear makes a note to note get wired before next meeting

  73. stpeter

    should be soon

  74. stpeter

    I am still not sure whether I can travel to FOSDEM -- quite a bit up in the air for me right now

  75. bear

    ah - summit location discussion

  76. bear

    if we have the summit in London, we (IMO) should still have a meetup at FOSDEM

  77. bear

    so the question is do we have our formal summit at London or FOSDEM - no?

  78. Dave Cridland

    stpeter, If you're up in the air anyway, may as well land in Brussels...

  79. stpeter

    y'all can hold a Summit without me, naturally :-)

  80. simon

    sorry guys - dropped off. Hanging off a crappy BOSH connection in the middle of Brazil.

  81. simon


  82. stpeter

    go BOSH!

  83. bear

    well, I suspect a lot of folks will be having the same trouble with FOSDEM *and* London because IETF

  84. stpeter

    bear: probably not that many

  85. bear

    then we need to find out

  86. stpeter

    bear: although I know that's the case for Matt Miller anyway

  87. simon

    If there is no summit, I'll probably save my funds and make it to London instead. Fosdem is nice and all but Brussels isn't worth it.

  88. stpeter


  89. bear

    k, then i'll just ask members@ to find out - the question will be posed: if we have a meeting in London, how many will go to FOSDEM

  90. Laura

    If it is to be London based, I can help with organisation etc

  91. Laura

    As I am here

  92. stpeter nods

  93. stpeter

    thanks, Laura

  94. bear

    anything else that needs to be discussed?

  95. Dave Cridland

    Laura, It's not that hard to organize one in Brussels from here, either. There's a benefit to it being the home of the EU.

  96. simon

    quick update before my connection breaks again: I've been chatting with the author of http://blog.huque.com/2012/10/dnssec-and-certificates.html about him adding a "how to secure your XMPP connections using DNSSEC" section to wiki.xmpp.org/web/Securing_XMPP. Will he need to do anything to get a wiki account?

  97. stpeter

    simon: I know Shumon, and I can set him up

  98. bear

    simon - just email peter, kev or me

  99. simon

    (he runs the XMPP servers for upenn.edu)

  100. simon

    thanks peter.

  101. bear

    oh, then I should introduce myself to him, upenn is in my neighborhood

  102. simon

    Ok guys - I need to drop off. I'll be online for the rest of this week and then go dark until the 10th.

  103. stpeter

    simon: thanks!!

  104. stpeter

    bear: for sure

  105. bear

    are we to meet next week?

  106. simon

    Have a nice Christmas and all that :)

  107. bear

    or punt till new year

  108. Dave Cridland

    I'm good for next week.

  109. bear

    next week, quick meeting with updates - sounds like a plan

  110. Laura

    I can do next week, then I;m out until w/c 6th jan

  111. Dave Cridland

    Should have the FOSDEM news, for one thing.

  112. bear

    k - even without quorum I can gather updates and then email members@

  113. bear

    any other agenda items? if not shall we close?

  114. stpeter

    bear: yes, true

  115. Dave Cridland

    I feel we should probably gas about something irrelevant for another 40 minutes.

  116. stpeter

    bear: none here, but I will post to members@ with other topics perhaps

  117. stpeter

    (there are other liaison relationships in the works, too)

  118. bear shoves dave into a closet

  119. bear

    thanks peter

  120. bear

    laura - anything to add before closing meeting?

  121. Laura

    Just that Simon and I are continuing work with the website

  122. Laura

    Should have more to share post-Christmas

  123. bear


  124. Dave Cridland

    Laura, Is there a staging site somewhere with this on?

  125. Laura

    And on that note, by all! Time for an Xmas party

  126. Laura

    Dace, not yet. We are one stage before that

  127. bear

    it will be on the gh-pages version once they give me text to make into html

  128. Laura


  129. bear

    ok, sounds like we are done - thanks all

  130. bear

    thanks everyone

  131. bear goes to do the minutes now instead of later

  132. stpeter

    I am taking two weeks off at the end of the year but will be paying attention to various lists and even catching up on some things, I hope

  133. bear

    after the 22nd I'm on holiday also

  134. bear

    but I suspect you are much busier than I

  135. stpeter

    maybe :-)

  136. bear

    pfft - totally

  137. bear

    yes! meeting and minutes in the same day!

  138. bear celebrates silly things

  139. winfried


  140. bear