XSF Discussion - 2013-12-13

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  19. fippo

    http://bloggeek.me/xmpp-federation-url-emails/#comment-4739 -- finally someone who understands

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  23. fippo

    lance: I am wondering how to comment on http://bloggeek.me/andyet-webrtc-interview/

  24. fippo

    other than "^5"

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  46. Dave Cridland

    ralphm, You've not heard from FOSDEM early, by any chance, have you?

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  50. fippo

    http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/thirteenth-council/ <-- linked from http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/ but doesn't seem to lead anywhere. can a wp-admin look into that please?

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  55. Dave Cridland

    We should probably do a post about new Strophe.js, too, given its importance in the XMPP world.

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  57. fippo


  58. fippo looks into convincing the xwiki people to drop their strange non-jingle stuff in favor of one of the jingle implementations

  59. fippo

    is there any likely correlation between "We embedded an XMPP Server in XWiki (vysper)"

  60. fippo

    and "Difficulties with ordering of signaling messages"

  61. Dave Cridland

    Gosh. I didn't know anyone had deployed vysper.

  62. fippo

    that is what I thought, too

  63. fippo

    I have actually seen a student from the TU dresden do an evaluation of vysper for his master thesis

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  67. fippo

    emcho: are your slides available for public download, too?

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  70. fippo

    i.e. somewhere you can reference them in a g+ post :-)

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  92. ralphm

    dwd: sadly, no

  93. dwd

    ralphm, We'll find out by Monday, won't we?

  94. ralphm

    I sure hope so, yes

  95. ralphm

    Usually, they are right on schedule.

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  105. dwd

    fippo, FWIW, I don't think you can abstain, as such, since on Council you can generally only veto. So an abstain is the same as not exercising your veto.

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  108. dwd

    fippo, You could abstain from an actual vote, though I can't think of one the Council does aside from voting in its Chair.

  109. emcho

    да живее пощата :)

  110. Simon

    I agree completely.

  111. emcho


  112. emcho


  113. dwd

    Bulgarian: "Live mail">

  114. emcho

    "Viva the postal service"

  115. fippo

    dwd: great, then i am +1 on the stuff i wrote :-)

  116. emcho

    just expressing my frustration in the wrong window :)

  117. dwd

    I suspect it's meant to be Russian, though in that case Google can't translate it properly. "Yes, livlier poschata", it suggests.

  118. dwd

    fippo, No, you're not, you're merely not invoking your veto. You can't be "+1", as such, you can merely be "!-1".

  119. ralphm

    dwd: but in Bulgarian, Google Translate says 'live mail'.

  120. dwd

    ralphm, Maybe emcho is going to work for Microsoft?

  121. emcho

    dwd, ralphm: it's Bulgarian, it means "Long live the postal service" and it was a wrongly directed expression of frustration at the French postal services :)

  122. emcho

    sorry about that :)

  123. dwd

    emcho, Complaining to the French postal service in Bulgarian isn't going to be very effective.

  124. ralphm

    emcho: no, please complain about inefficient delivery mechanisms

  125. dwd

    Hey, postal services are in my good books - my wife's Christmas present arrived from Texas today.

  126. emcho

    dwd: for which christmas was that? :)

  127. fippo

    dwd: I'll just stay with "I'd like to see this published" :-)

  128. ralphm

    fippo: the traditional way to say that is 'no objections'

  129. dwd

    This one coming. I'd say what it is, but she has a habit of sneaking in here when I'm making a cuppa, and ends up reading whatever I've left on screen.

  130. fippo

    emcho: the postal service should use an IMS architecture

  131. emcho

    oh yeah! i hadn't thought of that way to further screw it up :)

  132. ralphm waves to dwd's wife

  133. dwd

    ralphm, She's not here yet; still in work. For another half hour or so.

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  135. ralphm

    dwd: sure, but she will read it later

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  140. Kev

    dwd: No, Council votes on publishing new versions of Draft+ XEPs.

  141. Kev

    And advancement.

  142. dwd

    Oh, yes, indeed.

  143. Kev

    (And must have a majority)

  144. dwd

    Although it's still -1 to veto.

  145. Kev


  146. dwd

    I slouch corrected.

  147. Kev

    But abstinence has relevance.

  148. dwd

    Yes, it makes the heart grow fonder.

  149. ralphm

    dwd: I imagine the consultation will go as follows. Board: "Peter, please accept this procedural XEP." Peter: "well, ok!"

  150. dwd

    ralphm, Did you like my request to put it in the Inbox?

  151. ralphm

    Well, looks fine.

  152. ralphm

    I'm wondering if "IETF" is an affiliation and if we are past the 15% point for it.

  153. dwd

    Heh. I think it's OK as long as nobody is representing it.

  154. dwd

    I was wondering if we could (and perhaps even should) count open source projects.

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  176. fippo

    ralphm: the ietf has no members ;-)

  177. ralphm

    fippo: nothing in our by laws talk about the need of actual membership

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  195. dwd

    We should direct anyone who still thinks XMPP is verbose and chatty to take a look at the STOX drafts - XMPP->SIP reads like an amplification attack.

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  197. waqas

    XMPP isn't verbose? Hmm, but does it use JSON? Or binary?

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  199. fippo


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