XSF Discussion - 2013-12-16

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  49. fippo mattj: https://github.com/ESTOS/meet :-)
  50. fippo I wonder how i ended up using prosody for everything
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  69. Zash fippo: It must be contagious or something
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  77. dwd Excellent. The STOX virtual interim is being held over Webex and a phone bridge.
  78. MattJ Of course!
  79. dwd emcho, fippo - I'll bet you're so happy about that one. :-)
  80. Kev The future are here.
  81. emcho haha :)
  82. emcho dwd: we'll let it slide this time because we don't have slide sharing yet
  83. emcho fippo is working on that though so it probably wouldn't be long
  84. fippo oh i heard my slidesharing is useless because it cant do animations! :-)
  85. MattJ Heh
  86. MattJ All those IETF slides with animations
  87. emcho lool :)
  88. emcho fippo: you didn't hear that from me
  89. fippo no ;-)
  90. emcho fippo: (nor from anyone at the IETF for all I know)
  91. Kev Stream it over video. Then you get animations aplenty.
  92. fippo kev: browsers don't do screensharing
  93. fippo or are removing the support they currently have for that
  94. MattJ Chrome does
  95. MattJ They're removing support?
  96. emcho yeah
  97. emcho too insecure
  98. MattJ in what way?
  99. emcho they'll only allow it for apps you get from the chrome store
  100. MattJ Interesting
  101. emcho in the way that it will be very risky to allow any web page with a cert to both load pages and see them ...
  102. MattJ Ha
  103. emcho but jitsi will soon be able to participate in these call and in there you can share all you want ;)
  104. emcho s/call/calls
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  106. Zash Hey emcho
  107. emcho hey Zash
  108. Zash You happen to know anything about Jitsi (on Win7) failing TLS if an EDH cipher is selected?
  109. emcho Zash: most likely a problem with the way the JVM handles this. probably fixeable
  110. Zash Didn't see anything that looked related in the log files I found
  111. emcho yup. it's most likely the jvm
  112. MattJ Zash, emcho: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/ssl/ssl_faq.html#javadh
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  114. emcho right
  115. Zash Sigh
  116. emcho as i said though, it's most likely fixeable
  117. emcho switching to bouncycastle is a first thing that comes to mind
  118. dwd Bouncycastle is nice, but there's no FIPS yet, is there?
  119. Kev No, but they want to.
  120. Kev And/or intend to. I forget which.
  121. dwd The tricky bit with FIPS is getting someone to pay for it though.
  122. Kev Yes. BC have had a donation drive recently.
  123. Kev Looks like they've already raised $3k out of the $400k they want...
  124. MattJ It's the kind of thing you can't make a shiny video for and put it on a crowdfunding site
  125. MattJ Though it would be fun to see the attempt :)
  126. Zash Just mention the NSA a bit and you'll probably do fine
  127. Simon instead we have invent-your-own-chat-system / invent-your-own-crypto applications like Telegram.
  128. dwd Nothing wrong with double-ROT-13, is there?
  129. emcho dwd: you kidding? would never use anything below quad-ROT-22 !!!
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  131. Alex :D
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  140. bear did we get any news from FOSDEM sunday?
  141. fippo pokes ralphm
  142. dwd looks at the FOSDEM site, and is surprised to see it looks pretty.
  143. dwd I had to double-check I'd hit the right site.
  144. bear LOL
  145. Zash London scares me
  146. fippo bear: yusuke didn't book a flight under the assumption that there is a summit so nothing bad happened :-)
  147. bear heck, I don't know why we couldn't have two events
  148. dwd bear, We possibly could if we ensure they're distinct enough.
  149. bear nods
  150. dwd bear, I was wondering about doing pure interop at one. Maybe a specific targetted "build a solution" discussion - I vaguely thought in terms of building an actual tool for remote participation.
  151. bear if our fosdem news is good, and we can find a venue, I would suggest the "summit" be at fosdem and the london event be an interop for xmpp web
  152. bear I was noodling on the same thought
  153. dwd I'd actually suggest the other way around, possibly. We could potentially hook in a fair number of IETFers in London.
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  155. dwd ralphm, Ping?
  156. bear I was only suggesting fosdem because it's a large community and the summit is (IMO) all about community
  157. bear I'm going to suggest that we go forward knowing that we will do two events and then start planning for both
  158. bear s/going to/thinking about/ (insert other wiggle words as needed)
  159. dwd I think we can't do much planning until we know if we have a stand of any form.
  160. bear for fosdem - agree (guess i'm being an optimist)
  161. dwd https://fosdem.org/2014/stands/ -- There's still a few blanks there.
  162. Zash A few
  163. bear chuckles
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  165. waqas Have we decided where we are going? I need to figure out visas and stuff ASAP.
  166. dwd waqas, I'm not sure we can decide on Brussels without hearing from FOSDEM.
  167. waqas MattJ has been trying to get me into the UK
  168. dwd waqas, Is his suitcase big enough?
  169. waqas He took it with him. It /was/ big enough.
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  171. dwd Oh! I'd actually forgotten about the Suitcase Of Doom™.
  172. bear I'm still hoping for the "after" pictures of the Suitcase of Doom
  173. waqas And to imagine it was fully packed. Seriously, both of us combined were having a hard time moving his luggage around, I'm not sure how he managed it alone last time :)
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  175. Zash And I could fit everything I brought in my computer bag...
  176. waqas Oh, there is a picture floating around somewhere, with an Apple sticker added to the suitcase :)
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  186. ralphm I still haven't heard back from FOSDEM. I'm pinging them.
  187. intosi Thanks, ralphm.
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  189. ralphm "Sorry for the delay, expect a mail tonight or tomorrow."
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  196. ralphm About that, little birdie told me to get our Jingle on.
  197. fippo there is a message hidden there, isnt it?
  198. ralphm Let's say they don't want us to announce it before sending out 80 e-mails today or tomorrow.
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  221. MattJ xmmp.org is not registered...
  222. waqas I've actually mis-typed that a few times :)