XSF Discussion - 2014-01-02

  1. Kev

    Where are we with the summit? As far as I can see we've still not settled on having one in Brussels.

  2. Kev

    Although assorted noises have been made to suggest we will.

  3. ralphm

    Kev: to me, there is no question about this, except for definite confirmation of the location at Cisco.

  4. ralphm

    also happy new year and all that

  5. Kev

    ralphm: Is that the position from Board? That there's certainly a summit 30/31, just the venue to be confirmed?

  6. Kev

    And Happy new year :)

  7. ralphm

    It seems that if I consider it to fall under FOSDEM business I have been given executive powers to that end. Hmm.

  8. ralphm

    Kev: but I'd like to confer with at least one other board member before saying yes to that

  9. Kev


  10. Kev

    We're reaching the point (this month) that it'd be really useful to know if it's happening, and what hotel we're using, because stuff is needing to get booked :)

  11. ralphm

    no kidding