XSF Discussion - 2014-01-06

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  38. Kev Are we closer to a plan for Brussels yet?
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  40. ralphm Kev: my holiday is over now. I'm going to pick things up now.
  41. Kev Fab.
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  54. dwd Yes.
  55. ralphm summons Florian
  56. dwd inscribes pentagram on the floor, starts chanting something about XEP-0045§7.8
  57. ralphm dwd: by the way, I did get confirmation about access to the gear from Jérôme
  58. dwd Oh, good news.
  59. ralphm i.e. he will be in on Friday
  60. ralphm I also want to order bean bags
  61. ralphm But, how many, what size and what print?
  62. dwd Remind me about prices?
  63. ralphm I was thinking 3 of them. Possibly 140x180, or 140x140.
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  65. admin oh hai giiis
  66. dwd admin, Good nickname, there.
  67. admin /nickname FloJo
  68. admin or not :)
  69. dwd admin, So, can you do the hotel and dinner (and the Message Bus)?
  70. ralphm €170 or €130 (ex 21% VAT) full color
  71. admin I can definitely try
  72. admin however, I won't be attending the summit, but will come on Friday evening
  73. admin for the Beer Event
  74. ralphm what!
  75. ralphm This is unacceptable.
  76. admin I'll be there for the Realtime Lounge
  77. admin also … the person getting the Hotel better get a great deal
  78. admin as I'm staying there too
  79. admin oh … wait ...
  80. ralphm admin: agreed. Make it so, #1.
  81. admin who's attending anyways
  82. admin checked the Wiki last night … only 3 people
  83. ralphm Hmm, let me edit that page.
  84. ralphm We'll try to fix an announcement today, so it should fill up.
  85. dwd admin, We can probably assume the same hotel, but see what kind of deals you can get.
  86. admin yeah
  87. admin I'll hustle some stuff
  88. admin however, if someone would be able to help with dinner sponsors
  89. admin that would be great
  90. dwd admin, Yeah, I appreciate you don't have the time for that these days.
  91. admin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isHm3gnHjto
  92. Kev I anticipate there'll probably be an Isode contingent coming, but can't finalise anything until there's definitely a summit to attend.
  93. admin if only a certain company would be able to launch in the country of beer … it would be a different story
  94. admin is Cisco happening ?
  95. dwd admin, They're launched in the UK, aren't they?
  96. admin they are
  97. dwd Or did you mean some other country of beer?
  98. admin hahhaha, funny
  99. ralphm Kev: dwd and I just decided we will have the summit on the given dates and will make it happen.
  100. Kev OK, thanks. Could an announcement go out then, please, with whatever's set at this stage (just the date and city, I guess).
  101. Kev Hopefully we'll get a deal on the hotel, and booking that later will be less of a problem, but people will need to get travel sorted.
  102. dwd Right, I'll send something to the usual lists now, encouraging people to sign up if they want in on the hotel block deal.
  103. dwd admin, I'm assuming if we have commitments to N rooms we can get a better deal?
  104. dwd Crap. WHat number summit is this?
  105. dwd 15.
  106. admin yeah, more rooms = cheaper rooms
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  110. ralphm dwd: I updated the Summit_15 and FOSDEM_2014 wiki pages.
  111. dwd Kev, Given the lack of Peter, would you be up for chairing the Summit itself?
  112. ralphm dwd: let's specifically request people to edit the wiki or respond to the request for participation on the summit list
  113. dwd If you have not done so, please "sign up" on http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_15 if you're coming, and we'll ensure that there's a hotel room available for you. We need to know numbers ASAP, partly to ensure we have sufficient space in the hotel, and partly to ensure we get the best deal we possibly can. When you sign up, if you need a hotel room, please put "(H)" after your name if you want a room.
  114. dwd Actually, let me paste the lot.
  115. dwd Folks, In case you've not seen the previous discussions: We're holding the next XMPP Summit - the 15th - at the end of this month. As usual, sorting out hotels and things is a last minute rush because of Christmas - sorry! If you have not done so, please "sign up" on http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_15 if you're coming, and we'll ensure that there's a hotel room available for you. We need to know numbers ASAP, partly to ensure we have sufficient space in the hotel, and partly to ensure we get the best deal we possibly can. When you sign up, if you need a hotel room, please put "(H)" after your name if you want a room. We're likely to end up back in the Aloft in Brussels if we can get a sufficiently good deal. Dave.
  116. dwd Subject line is: XMPP Summit XV - Brussels, 2014/01/30 - 2014/01/31
  117. ralphm We should also mention FOSDEM itself
  118. ralphm because we need demos and things and people
  119. ralphm (and people probably want a room to cover those dates as well)
  120. ralphm Looking good otherwise.
  121. intosi Magick, my name is already on the list of participants.
  122. ralphm :-D
  123. ralphm You have no choice.
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  125. intosi Excellent.
  126. ralphm neither does dwd
  127. kevin. guys
  128. kevin. hows the idea of creating a facebook app for jabber? i'm sure we will get million users from fb.
  129. ralphm dwd: what's that (H)?
  130. ralphm hotel?
  131. kevin. with some modifications ofcourse
  132. dwd ( H )
  133. ralphm ah
  134. dwd Damn you, auto-smilie.
  135. Kev dwd: I'm a poor substitute for Peter, but I can try this, yes. Assuming you're meaning just the bit while we're there, and not much organisation in the run-up.
  136. dwd Kev, It'd be nice to assemble an agenda of sorts.
  137. Kev OK. Let me TODO myself.
  138. ralphm Otherwise, I'll take it
  139. Kev (I note that we usually end up mostly sorting out an agenda once we're there)
  140. dwd Kev, But we'll sort out venue, etc.
  141. dwd Kev, Yes. But having high-level goals at least would be nice.
  142. Kev Indeed.
  143. Kev It's in my todo inbox. I'll file it appropriately later.
  144. Kev Currently trying to work out how many of Isode will be taking over the place.
  145. Kev I expect three or four, but need to confirm.
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  147. dwd kevin., Sorry, nobody replied to you - you probably want to discuss that somewhere else. This chatroom is specifically for the XMPP Standards Foundation work, which isn't really directed to any particular bit of software.
  148. dwd Kev, I assume Kurt won't miss the beer^Wdiscussion.
  149. intosi I assumed Kev would discuss this in a different room ;)
  150. dwd Remembered to hit send.
  151. dwd Oh. That's caused a bit of a surge in attendees.
  152. ralphm :-D
  153. Kev Thanks for sorting this out chaps, things were getting a bit desperate with timing.
  154. ralphm only minor things to be taken care of now
  155. Kev Well, yes, I realise everything is still to be done.
  156. ralphm like hotel, summit venue, stuff like that
  157. Kev But just the announcement that there will definitely be one, and the days, means people can book travel.
  158. ralphm :-D
  159. ralphm I don't know why we didn't do that before xmas
  160. ralphm I fixed the date months ago, and then *some people* started rambling about IETF London.
  161. Kev At which I hope we'll still sort something out :)
  162. Kev And by 'we' I mean 'someone else'.
  163. Kev Even if it's just coinciding with another XMPP London thing.
  164. ralphm Yeah, I think that'd be good.
  165. Kev London is still somewhat inconvenient for me, but much less so than leaving the island :)
  166. dwd Wales is an island, too, isn't it? We have to cross the water to England, after all.
  167. Kev I have no response to that gets by my sarcasm filter.
  168. Kev Which tells you all you need to know.
  169. Kev s/that/that that/
  170. dwd I have no response to that that that that that that OVERFLOW ERROR
  171. intosi There was no g flag, dwd.
  172. dwd intosi, That that that?
  173. ralphm Hmm, since there's still some time, I think I am going to order a Mobile Vikings Sim.
  174. intosi How much are they?
  175. dwd ralphm, I can't decide whether to go for that (meaning I need to unlock a device, with associate cost), or just spent €20 or so in roaming fees.
  176. ralphm dwd: for my tablet
  177. dwd Oh, or I could buy a new unlocked phone. That'd please my wife no end.
  178. ralphm intosi: https://mobilevikings.com/bel/
  179. jabberjocke Good to see the summit XV defined I'lle try to add an extra day for the summit any more than me and steffen on the agenda :)
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  181. jabberjocke would google summer of code be a good topic?
  182. intosi ralphm: do you have a shipping address in Belgium? Didn't know that.
  183. ralphm intosi: I think they ship cross border
  184. dwd Last FOSDEM or two, they shipped to hotels.
  185. intosi """We only ship our SIM cards within Belgium."""
  186. dwd admin, Didn't you have a contact or $N at Mobile Vikings? Could you sort us out SIMs?
  187. admin not really
  188. admin they're sadly no longer a cool company
  189. admin also, anyone have any advice on this
  190. admin http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20952154/using-substring-to-get-a-json-value-in-postgresql
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  193. Kev jabberjocke: I think a GSoC chat might be quite useful, actually.
  194. Kev We've never really chatted about it as a group at large, what we get out of it, etc.
  195. intosi admin: did you try using regular expressions instead?
  196. intosi regexp_replace
  197. dwd admin, That question's a joke, right?
  198. admin does that work in PostgreSQL?
  199. admin and no :(
  200. intosi dwd: I can only assume it's not a joke ;)
  201. dwd admin, Why on earth are you storing JSON as strings in SQL?
  202. ralphm admin: I think the answer is: upgrade to 9.3.
  203. ralphm http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/functions-json.html
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  205. Zash dwd: That's how Prosody stores stuff in SQL ...
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  208. admin PostgreSQL 9.2.6 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) 4.6.3, 64-bit
  209. dwd Zash, Really? Weird.
  210. admin so sadly not an option :/
  211. ralphm admin: I thought you were the admin. By bad.
  212. Zash dwd: How else would we store arbitrary data that we don't know the format of beforehand?
  213. ralphm My bad, even.
  214. dwd Zash, ACAP. We already had this discussion. :-)
  215. Kev dwd: Not as weird as my tendency to boost::serialize objects, and store those as strings in sqlite :)
  216. dwd Kev, Do you then store the sqlite databases as binary attributes in X.500?
  217. ralphm admin: in any other case, you will fail. Note that the very example has a list of objects. So there could be multiples.
  218. admin there's only 1 amount in there
  219. admin at least in these examples
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  221. intosi So again, if you can't be bothered to normalise to proper SQL tables, can't upgrade to a version with JSON support, and can't figure it out in the language you're feeding this into, try the regexp_replace function.
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  223. admin intosi: but that would require me having paid attention during my uni years when people were talking about regex :/
  224. intosi Now is as good a time to learn how to use them as any :)
  225. dwd admin, s/when.*$//
  226. intosi dwd: :)
  227. ralphm admin: or let an intern do it for you
  228. admin hahaha
  229. dwd ralphm, Wait, he's *not* the intern?
  230. ralphm admin: regarding Mobile Vikings not being cool, any recommendations on alternatives?
  231. ralphm dwd: he's the admin
  232. ralphm dwd: maybe the PFY
  233. intosi PFY without the pimples?
  234. ralphm I haven't seen him in a while
  235. intosi Fair enough
  236. admin yeah, so this doesn't work either :/
  237. admin regexp_replace(data, '"amount":"\d{1,3}"'),
  238. dwd admin, Every time you knock €5 off the hotel price we'll help you a bit more.
  239. admin hahaha
  240. admin I guess the question is … how often do you need to help … will I have to pay you to attend the summit? :p
  241. intosi admin: that would be grand.
  242. intosi As a bonus, we might even add your name to the list of sponsors.
  243. admin substring(fare_adjustments from '(?:"amount": ")([\d\.]*)'),
  244. admin #boom
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  246. MattJ I don't think I can make FOSDEM this year :/
  247. ralphm MattJ: unacceptable
  248. waqas MattJ was too depressed at the thought of me not being there this year
  249. ralphm but I'll be there!
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  251. ralphm If anyone else is ordering Mobile Viking sims, be sure to refer the ones that went before you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). intosi and I will be happy to extend our dedicated e-mail addresses used for that.
  252. Kev I don't think Belgium is one of the countries I can roam to for free, but I should check. Would be nice to have data on my own network.
  253. intosi Now I need a SIM wallet.
  254. ralphm intosi: I always use some tape and the original card around the sim (which together are really a full-size sim)
  255. Zash Just get more phones
  256. intosi I have a small card for my UK SIM, fits nicely in my Oyster card fold.
  257. ralphm I use my RFID Safe for my Clipper Card
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  259. dwd Kev, It's not on Three's Feel At Home deal.
  260. Kev Shame.
  261. dwd Kev, It is, though, on their Europass thing.
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  280. dwd stpeter, Do you have good contacts with the Meetecho guys?
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  285. fippo does someone recall the room rate we got last year?
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  288. dwd Nacht 30 & 31 januari 2013 160 € per single kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen 170 € per dubbele kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen Nacht 01 & 02 februari 2013 75 € per single kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen 85 € per dubbele kamer per nacht, inclusief ontbijt en taksen
  289. fippo perfect, thanks.
  290. dwd That was based around 10 single rooms, by the looks of things.
  291. dwd admin, We're expecting better this year...
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