XSF Discussion - 2014-01-09

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  20. ralphm What about sponsor levels. Like for example here: http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/TwistedSoftwareFoundation#BenefitsofSponsorship
  21. Kev There are.
  22. ralphm I mean, making them visible as such
  23. Kev Like http://xmpp.org/sponsor/sponsor-the-xsf/ ?
  24. ralphm like on the Twisted home page
  25. ralphm i.e. I don't see the levels there
  26. ralphm (and yes I did forget we had levels already)
  27. Kev You don't see them on our homepage, or on the page I linked (which is linked via the sponsor page from the home page)?
  28. ralphm On the home page.
  29. ralphm If we
  30. ralphm would show the levels and order them accordingly, that'd also show (roughly) the impact of said sponsorship
  31. ralphm I'm also noting this line on our sponsor page:
  32. ralphm "Sponsorship applies on a calendar-year basis."
  33. ralphm Given that, I assume a bunch of those currently listed should probably be removed.
  34. ralphm (or us changing that line)
  35. Kev Probably.
  36. Kev If Laura and Simon are redoing the site (I guess as part of Bear's moving-it-to-static?), this seems like something to flag to them.
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  48. Alex we were never that strict about removing expired sponsors, but I guess we should be
  49. ralphm right
  50. ralphm I don't know exactly, but I think that box would be rather empty if we followed our guidelines
  51. Kev USSHC would be there.
  52. Alex and I agree with you, we should show the level and weight them on the page
  53. ralphm Kev: hence rather
  54. Kev Yes.
  55. Kev I mean: I think that's the only one.
  56. Kev Rather than "No, you're wrong, we'd have a sponsor so it wouldn't be at all bare".
  57. ralphm heh
  58. Alex highest level on top, if they equal sort alphabetic, by date or random
  59. ralphm and the ISOC now, of course
  60. Kev Yes.
  61. Kev Although they're not in the rotation yet :)
  62. Kev (I think)
  63. ralphm "by date" doesn't seem relevant given the 'one year' and 'pro rato' thingies
  64. ralphm if we keep that
  65. Alex what are they using to build the new page? A cms, plain HTML only?
  66. Alex or is it based on Bears work?
  67. Kev We agreed to go with a plain/generated site.
  68. Kev I don't know if they've started from scratch or are re-using Bear's work.
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  70. jabberjocke I just got an offer from the FOSSDEM hotel Chambord at the rate €90 who should I send the info to ?
  71. jabberjocke florian?
  72. Kev dwd / ralphm: Poke.
  73. dwd jabberjocke, Florian ralphm and me would be great.
  74. dwd jabberjocke, By "offer", you mean a block offer or an individual room?
  75. ralphm noted
  76. ralphm I also see that booking.com has only a few rooms left for 29-1 to 2-2 (4 nights), so I'd be surprised that this could hold our party
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  78. ralphm Interestingly, Brussels is still a dark spot for 4G connectivity.
  79. ralphm Yay politics.
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  89. dwd ralphm, jabebrjocke sent that to the wrong Florian.
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  92. ralphm no kidding
  93. ralphm I was already thinking, what is florian doing in Germany!?
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  95. dwd Oh, STRINT. We need to do that as well.
  96. dwd Why is January so busy for us?
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  106. bear any response about hotels yet?
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  112. dwd I've not heard from Florian.
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  114. dwd I've dropped him a text.
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