XSF Discussion - 2014-01-13

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  65. Steffen Larsen


  66. Steffen Larsen

    do we start at 9 or 10 in the morning at the Summit, thursday the 30th?

  67. ralphm


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  69. Steffen Larsen

    okso 9.-10 oclock?

  70. ralphm

    I expect us to say 'show up around 9' but not have anything productive being done until 10

  71. ralphm

    Some people will likely get into Brussels that morning

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  73. dwd

    I think if we don't about hotels from Florian today, we should change plans and one of us should talk to Aloft.

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  75. ralphm

    dwd: agreed

  76. ralphm

    and that was my plan

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  78. Steffen Larsen

    ok. I'll arrive wedensday evening then

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  80. Steffen Larsen

    I've talked to florian, and he said that he have contacted hotels

  81. Steffen Larsen

    but have not heard anything yet..

  82. Steffen Larsen

    Maybe someone could call them instead of email?

  83. ralphm

    As soon as I have made contact with Florian myself, I will do just that

  84. dwd

    Florian should also be booking the XSF Dinner, though we need to start hunting sponsors for that.

  85. Steffen Larsen

    is it still in Cisco, Diegem?

  86. Steffen Larsen

    I can never remember how to go there by train.. But hopefully we'll troop together at the hotel

  87. intosi

    Steffen Larsen: you won't be the only one going there from the hotel, so if you all manage to get lost, we might even wait for you before we start :)

  88. Steffen Larsen

    ha ha.. I am never lost in Bruxelles.. but lost in Diegem ;-)

  89. Steffen Larsen

    Can always find a beer hole

  90. intosi


  91. intosi

    True enough

  92. Steffen Larsen

    but yes.. We will meet like we normally do .. around the reception thursday morning

  93. dwd

    ralphm, Were/are you going to hire a van?

  94. ralphm

    that's also the plan, yes

  95. Zash

    A black van?

  96. ralphm

    with red stripes

  97. ralphm

    and a sliding door

  98. Steffen Larsen


  99. Zash

    and tinted windows

  100. intosi

    ralphm and I are still fighting over who can be who.

  101. ralphm


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