XSF Discussion - 2014-01-14

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  74. dwd

    Morning folks.

  75. dwd

    Anyone had any word from Florian?

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  78. Steffen Larsen

    Ive heard from him 2 days ago

  79. Steffen Larsen

    He was still waiting for a response from the hotels

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  97. dwd

    [11:11:14] Florian Jensen: ALOFT BRUSSELS SCHUMAN -          20/25 Lofts from 29/01 – 03/02/2014 -          Week rate (29+30/02): 165 euro per room & per night -          Weekend rate (31/01+01+02/02): 75 euro per room & per night -          Breakfast included served at the re;fuel -          Supplement of 10 euro for a double room

  98. Steffen Larsen


  99. Kev

    Mail forthcoming?

  100. Steffen Larsen

    but any code for getting discount?

  101. Steffen Larsen

    it seems like the same prices tough..

  102. dwd

    Not yet; that's just the offer Florian has.

  103. dwd

    Steffen Larsen, The weekday rate isn't reduced; the weekend rate is (from €125)

  104. Steffen Larsen


  105. Steffen Larsen

    great dave. So there will be mailed a code etc.?

  106. Steffen Larsen

    because I need to book soon

  107. dwd

    I *entirely* sympathise.

  108. intosi

    We all do.

  109. dwd

    And FWIW, I'm like to get this done and dusted by the end of today; Florian's on it.

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  111. Steffen Larsen

    dwd: right on!

  112. dwd

    And when I say "by the end of the day", I mean in a few minutes, thanks to Florian. :-)

  113. Steffen Larsen

    ha ha

  114. Steffen Larsen


  115. Steffen Larsen

    He seems busy at the moment! :-)

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  117. dwd looks at travel

  118. Steffen Larsen

    when do you guys arrive? wedensday evening or thurday morning?

  119. Kev

    Wednesday evening for me.

  120. Steffen Larsen

    yeah I was thinking the same

  121. Kev

    And then I'm heading off Sunday.

  122. Steffen Larsen

    otherwise I had to get up early at thurday…

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  125. dwd

    I'm considering flying in on Thursday morning. Saves me a hotel night.

  126. dwd

    Though the plane won't land until 10:10, so I'll be late.

  127. Steffen Larsen

    dwd: yes true, save a night at hotel, but give me a headache

  128. Lloyd

    Arriving Thursday morning, flying out Monday afternoon

  129. Kev

    I don't want the stress of trying to arrive on time on Thursday.

  130. dwd

    Lloyd, Yes, that kind of thing. You flying from Cardiff?

  131. Steffen Larsen

    Ok. So maybe we could start at 10 oclock thurdays instead of 9

  132. Lloyd

    Actually flying up from Munich, we have a buddycloud hackathon in the Alps for a few days before the summit.

  133. dwd

    Steffen Larsen, I think our official start is actually 10:00 anyway, isn't it?

  134. Lloyd

    dwd you can get 6:40am flights from Bristol direct

  135. Steffen Larsen

    dwd: ok, I thought we said 9

  136. Steffen Larsen

    ok then I might take the morning flight

  137. Steffen Larsen

    let me browse a bit

  138. dwd

    Lloyd, Ah, OK. Though it's only 0600 from CWL, and gets me four flights onto my frequent flyer.

  139. dwd

    Lloyd, I don't *think* I can drive CWL->Bristol in 40 minutes. :-)

  140. Lloyd

    dwd: Cardiff -> Bristol ~45 minutes. Either longer in the Car or the air. Plus they've increased Wales tax again.

  141. Steffen Larsen

    I cant remember.. how far is the hotel from the airport?

  142. Steffen Larsen

    or do people come to diegem directly from the airport

  143. dwd

    Steffen Larsen, The hotel? A reasonable way. But Cisco Diegem is right next to the airport, I think.

  144. dwd

    Steffen Larsen, https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Cisco+Systems+Belgium,+De+Kleetlaan,+Diegem,+Belgium&hl=en&ll=50.888795,4.469805&spn=0.076019,0.070295&sll=50.887008,4.468174&sspn=0.152043,0.140591&oq=Cisco+Systems+Belgium,+De&t=h&hq=Cisco+Systems+Belgium,+De+Kleetlaan,&hnear=Diegem+Machelen,+Flemish+Brabant,+Flanders,+Belgium&z=14

  145. Lloyd

    Steffen Larsen: Ensure you don't turn up with only 50 euro notes, grumpiest taxi drivers in the world.

  146. dwd

    Any idea how much a taxi from the airport to Cisco is?

  147. Lloyd

    dwd: I think I paid 14 euro last time, but that was with a detour to get change and I was too tired to argue

  148. Steffen Larsen

    its about 4km away

  149. Steffen Larsen

    try über. :-)

  150. Steffen Larsen

    google says 3.9 km

  151. dwd

    Steffen Larsen, I'm told they don't operate there.

  152. Steffen Larsen

    but the address for cisco is: Cisco Systems Belgium, De Kleetlaan, Diegem, Belgium . Right?

  153. dwd

    De Kleetlaan 6/B, 1831, Belgium

  154. Steffen Larsen

    okie perfect. I'll put it in the wiki if its not there

  155. Steffen Larsen

    so people can find it.

  156. Steffen Larsen

    Can I write that we start 10 o'clock as well?

  157. dwd

    I believe we have the room from 0900. Ralph mentioned 0900 for 1000 start; but I'm hesitant to call that definitive; it's really up to Kev.

  158. Steffen Larsen


  159. Kev

    dwd: The room's been sorted now?

  160. Steffen Larsen

    for cisco, yes I think

  161. dwd

    I... thought so.

  162. Kev


  163. Kev

    When do we have the room until in the evening?

  164. dwd

    Though I can't recall seeing that it had been, just that it definitely would be. Perhaps I should check...

  165. dwd

    This I do not know.

  166. Kev

    That seems potentially useful information for time planning.

  167. Steffen Larsen


  168. Kev

    I'd have thought that gathering at 9 but starting in earnest at 10 on Thursday and 9 on Friday would be sensible enough.

  169. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: yes

  170. Kev

    I don't think starting later than 10 would be sensible - we'll spend the morning not getting anywhere anyway, with introductions and schedule and stuff.

  171. Kev

    So we'll have to behead anyone who arrives late :)

  172. intosi puts guillotine on list of items to pack, and needs to check if a big enough van can be rented.

  173. Kev


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  175. fippo

    kev: oh, you're planning for a meeting longer than 15 minutes?

  176. Kev

    I don't think there's any way to avoid it :)

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  178. dwd

    fippo, On a busy day, he'll stretch to almost half an hour, you know.

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  185. Kev

    We're missing a day for the dinner still, aren't we?

  186. dwd

    I was assuming Saturday.

  187. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: Friday or Saturday

  188. Kev

    Saturday would be ideal.

  189. Kev

    Friday would also be fine.

  190. Kev

    I'm just trying to arrange what else I need to do while I'm there.

  191. Steffen Larsen


  192. Kev

    Thursday would be inconvenient :)

  193. Steffen Larsen

    yes. Then we can only drink orange juice ;-)

  194. Lloyd

    Thursday is good for those not staying for FOSDEM, Friday is better for me :)

  195. Steffen Larsen

    Lloyd: true

  196. Kev

    There are people not turning up until Friday, too, so swings and roundaboutns.

  197. Kev


  198. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: your the chief in command. Choose a date, and people will show up. :-)

  199. Kev

    That isn't true for the meal.

  200. Kev

    I think I got nominated to 'chair' the meetings during the summit days, but I certainly don't have responsibility for logistics of the meal or anything (which is sitting with Florian, I think).

  201. dwd

    Friday is the FOSDEM beer thing, so wouldn't work.

  202. Steffen Larsen

    so saturday for the dinner might be best

  203. dwd

    And as far as responsibility goes, that's probably resting with Ralph, though I'm trying to shoulder some of it.

  204. Steffen Larsen

    good idea

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  218. ralphm

    dwd: I've been (and still am) travelling today

  219. ralphm

    dwd: I thought we had already settled dinner for Saturday and gave this suggestion to Florian?

  220. dwd

    ralphm, That seems likely.

  221. intosi

    If you didn't say anything, he will most likely assume it's going to be Saturday anyway.

  222. ralphm

    didn't we have saturday for years already?

  223. dwd

    ralphm, I'm pretty sure that we agreed Saturday, and asked Florian to work on that.

  224. dwd

    ralphm, We changed day in, erm, 2012.

  225. dwd

    I think.

  226. ralphm

    dwd: no http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/index.php?title=Summit_11

  227. ralphm

    I think I researched this last year, too

  228. Lloyd

    Wasn't it Thursday last year? I may be wrong, my brain was, erm, not performing at 100%

  229. intosi

    It was.

  230. intosi

    (on Thursday, cannot judge how well your brain was functioning)

  231. ralphm

    I would not necessarily be opposed

  232. ralphm

    I think there was something with the venue not being open on certain nights

  233. ralphm

    In 2011 it was on Sunday

  234. ralphm

    so hmm, maybe we don't have a default

  235. dwd

    So on 2012, we changed day to Saturday.

  236. ralphm


  237. dwd

    Oh, yes.

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