XSF Discussion - 2014-01-18

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  52. dwd It's depressing that ./configure now takes significantly longer than compiling, on almost any project.
  53. Simon +1
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  55. fippo dwd: https://www.mobilespan.com/content/chrome-is-the-new-c-runtime -- they must have been listening to you
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  58. fippo even though I suspect the author think that "libjingle" is the "xmpp client"
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  60. Steffen Larsen fippo: saw the article. really cool
  61. Steffen Larsen fippo: are they using XEP-0048 for synching the bookmarks? anyone know that?
  62. Kev fippo: I abuse Swift's build system and helper classes when I do other stuff.
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  92. ralphm fippo: I was just going to paste that article.
  93. ralphm fippo: given what they say the XMPP bits are used for, I don't think he means libjingle at all
  94. ralphm dwd: I've always wondered why 95% of the things done by autoconf and accomplices couldn't be stored in a registry
  95. fippo ralphm: hopefully... libjingle ceased to exist a couple of months ago ;-)
  96. ralphm This registry could be filled u[pn install time of libs and other pkgs
  97. ralphm fippo: what's the core of webrtc support in chrome then?
  98. fippo it's called "webrtc". they even deleted all the old stuff to make svn blame harder ;-)
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  100. ralphm fippo: you should do a reconstructed git repo
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  102. fippo ralphm: that would only be useful if google stopped doing roll-over commits from their internal repo
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  104. ralphm heh
  105. ralphm That's a thing people do with svn
  106. ralphm Despite Subversion having gained some improvements in recent time, I think people have just given up and switched to a dvcs
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  112. fippo mh... http://www.ucstrategies.com/unified-communications-expert-views/is-federation-exposing-your-uc-servers-to-denial-of-service-attacks.aspx
  113. fippo i think I can call myself an xmpp expert and disagree with the implicit statement that DoS is a problem (at xmpp level)
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  116. waqas There /is/ an argument to be made there though, many parts of many XMPP servers aren't hardened
  117. fippo sure.
  118. waqas But yeah, I agree with you
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  121. fippo arr, i just commented that i am not convinced. let's see if anyone tries to argue with me ;-)
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  126. ralphm fippo: not arguing but ask Kev en intosi about recent MUC incidents over at jabber.org
  127. ralphm it might not be inherent to the protocol, but there are issues
  128. fippo ralphm: jabber.org has to run open federation
  129. fippo for businesses I don't think that is true.
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  132. ralphm good point
  133. ralphm but I suppose that, increasingly, business will want to be part of the open federation
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  135. fippo yeah. some persons, whereas others will remain invisible to the outside.
  136. fippo but that's just a matter of modelling the internal structures appropriately ;-)
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