XSF Discussion - 2014-01-19

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  82. dwd

    I wonder if the Debian thing might convince MattJ to come to FOSDEM after all?

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  84. Simon

    He isn't?

  85. dwd

    He's not. Worse, neither is his dad.

  86. dwd

    Zash, You can represent Prosody to an extent as well, can't you?

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  90. Zash

    I am no MattJ, nor does it seem like I'll be at FOSDEM.

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  92. dwd notes Zash has disconnected in shame.

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  107. dwd

    Zash, Do you have TLSA records on your domain?

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  109. Zash

    I do

  110. Zash

    For XMPP and HTTP

  111. Zash

    and SMTP

  112. dwd

    Ooooh. So you do.

  113. Zash

    dwd: This might be of use :) https://xmpp.net/reports.php#dnssecdane

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  116. dwd

    So you've a service certificate constraint, full cert, SHA-256 match.

  117. Zash

    _tcp._5269 = TLSA(1, 0, 1, "zash.se.crt");

  118. Zash

    Hm, I should add support for those acronyms to that

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  123. Zash

    _5269 = TLSA("PKIX-EE", "Cert", "SHA2-256", "zash.se.crt");

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  160. dwd

    So as a DNSSEC thing the XSF could do, is work with Domicilium to get .im signed.

  161. dwd

    I suspect that'd remove DNSSEC/DANE barriers from quite a few servers, but I think we'd need to poke about inside the xmpp.net database to truly find out how many security concious servers might eb affected.

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  175. Simon

    dwd: sounds like a good idea. Hopefully it can just be a letter drafted up with Peter's signature "Psst there's a lot of people not using .im fully because of … "

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  183. Zash

    hey emcho

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  200. dwd

    Expedia suggests I might like to fly to Brussels using CWL->AMS->BOD->NTE->BRU. 22 hours, including a 8:45 layover in Bordeaux.

  201. dwd

    Simon, I think we need more than just contact - both Peter and I have tried.

  202. MattJ


  203. dwd

    Simon, I'll give them a call tomorrow.

  204. dwd

    MattJ, The cake is a lie, though.

  205. fippo

    dwd: expedia doesn't use ITA? :-)

  206. Simon

    Send flowers and cupcakes?

  207. dwd

    fippo, :-)

  208. dwd

    Simon, Take them out to dinner, maybe.

  209. Simon

    Where are Domicilium?

  210. dwd

    Isle of Man

  211. fippo

    even thour IIRC your route back from PDX was just as horrible

  212. dwd

    Hence the .im domain. :-)

  213. dwd

    fippo, That was horrible because the PDX->AMS flight landed just before the AMS->CWL flight took off.

  214. Simon

    well the registrar isn't always linked to the country the run it for…

  215. dwd

    fippo, The worst part was that I ended up running a high fever, and nearly missed the onward flight.

  216. Simon

    I can ask the famous James Body… I'm sure he has a contact inside since Truphone do a lot of work with the SMS and GSM gateways that are based in Manx.

  217. dwd

    Simon, No, true, but in this case they're IoM I think.

  218. Simon

    Pinging him now.

  219. dwd

    Simon, I can just give them a call tomorrow.

  220. fippo

    dwd: ouch!

  221. dwd

    fippo, I sat waiting at the wrong gate. QUite amusing in retrospect.

  222. fippo

    dwd: that's just schiphol. pretty close to schizo :-p

  223. Simon

    Ping him: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/phil-adcock/7/86/436

  224. dwd

    Righty, I'll do that tomorrow.

  225. fippo

    simon: I met James in the VUC again btw ;-)

  226. fippo

    the world turns out to be pretty small

  227. Simon

    fippo: he's a conference slut (meant in the nicest possible way) and a great guy.

  228. Simon

    Master of networking. And know his bits.

  229. dwd

    Has anyone got Thijs in their roster? I could do with knowing the number and proportion of .im domains in the Observatory's database. That'd indicate the numbers of security-concious XMPP servers we're looking at.

  230. Simon

    dwd- have you checked the stats page?

  231. Simon

    There's a few details there that could help you build a case.

  232. dwd

    Yes; the .im figures are the missing ones.

  233. fippo

    dwd: go to the prosody chat room

  234. fippo

    after all, you're one of the few celebrities not hanging out there ;-)

  235. Simon

    Nice answer from him :)

  236. dwd

    fippo, I'm even a Prosody user.

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  269. intosi

    Debian wants to run dual stack IPv4/IPv6, there's the reason why they need to run Prosody 0.9 or up.

  270. Zash

    Hmm, is IPv6-capable LuaSocket in Debian yet?

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