XSF Discussion - 2014-01-20

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  71. ralphm notes that we should have these discussions in jdev rather than here
  72. ralphm or at least some of them
  73. ralphm xnyhps (Thijs) is usually there, too
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  107. Steffen Larsen Hi, does anybody know if all have booked hotel rooms for FOSDEM/summit?
  108. Steffen Larsen because one of my friends might need a room for friday/saturday/sunday
  109. ralphm Steffen Larsen: the only person that might know is Floran Jensen
  110. ralphm Florian
  111. Steffen Larsen heh yes
  112. Steffen Larsen but he's never online anymore
  113. Steffen Larsen too busy with über I believe
  114. Steffen Larsen ;-)
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  118. simon Florian works at über?
  119. dwd He's a taxi driver now.
  120. Steffen Larsen :-)
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  124. intosi Will just tried to book a room, and couldn't get one using the link. Would that mean we filled all rooms in the block?
  125. Steffen Larsen hmmm we had a problem for a week ago where we couldn't book at all.. even though the rooms were there. It was a problem with the hotel booking site. Maybe its the same now.
  126. simon Steffen - I had a similar problem last year. Ended up phoning the hotel directly and got a better rate (even less than the block booking rate).
  127. Steffen Larsen simon: he he
  128. Steffen Larsen simon: yes..the hotel was not cheap at all
  129. ralphm simon: are you sure it was the same type of room? Including breakfast? Same cancellation policy?
  130. intosi Looks like the standard rooms are sold out on booking.com.
  131. dwd I can't remember how long the block deal was for, but I thought we had it longer than this.
  132. simon ralphm: no breakfast. Perhaps that accounts for the difference. Does the block booking include breakfast?
  133. dwd Yes.
  134. simon Excellent. I'll be maxing out on that.
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  136. dwd Well.
  137. dwd It's the five-items-or-less breakfast, isn't it.
  138. simon Sold out? Does MattJ's fan club know he might not be coming?
  139. dwd He originally wasn't. He may be now.
  140. simon Well that explains it ;)
  141. intosi dwd: breakfast is about the only thing I don't like about the hotel.
  142. ralphm dwd: maybe we should order bacon every morning
  143. Lloyd 5 portions of bacon, yum
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  145. dwd It's vaguely tempting to see if there's a café that can do a decent breakfast nearby.
  146. intosi I'll have the bacon covered in bacon with bacon on the side, and add another bacon on bacon to finish it.
  147. intosi Also, why is my left arm feeling numb?
  148. dwd So you can pretend it's someone else's?
  149. simon Looks like there is a bakery right around the corner PAUL BRUXELLES BELL'ART Rue Froissart 72 1040 Etterbeek Belgium
  150. simon bread from there. bacon from A-loft.
  151. ralphm simon: there is no bacon at Aloft. That's the whole problem.
  152. ralphm They have the other stuff
  153. simon Shall I ask Rene to pack a bacon bomb? (https://secure.flickr.com/photos/simontennant/6843836070/ and https://secure.flickr.com/photos/simontennant/6989961621/lightbox/)
  154. fippo http://hancke.name/jabber/bacon.jpg -- some novotel at the paris CDG airport has those things ;-)
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  199. simon Has anyone notices the bittorrent equivalent of XEPs? BEPs: http://www.bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0000.html
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  211. ralphm modelled after Python's PEPs, like ours. Makes sense
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  218. MattJ PEPs pre-dated JEPs?
  219. waqas PEPs are relatively new
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  223. waqas Oh wow, apparently I'm wrong. They started back in 2000.
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  227. ralphm http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0001.html#nt-id122324
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  229. ralphm MattJ, waqas: ^
  230. ralphm Guess that also kinda shows how long I've been around
  231. waqas How does being old feel?
  232. ralphm waqas: come to Brussels and I'll let you experience that
  233. waqas Ha, I'm skipping this year sadly, but MattJ might make it, you can show him :)
  234. ralphm feel
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  247. dwd XSF Dinner booked in for the 1st Feb.
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  249. Simon MacDonalds again?
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  253. dwd Simon, You're in McDonald's. The rest of us are in l'Auberge Bréttone. ;-)
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  256. dwd Folks, The now-traditional XSF Dinner has been booked at the now-traditional l'Auberge Brétonne, just outside Brussels. As you're probably aware, the XSF solicits sponsorship for the dinner, so that we can carry on offering an excellent meal entirely free to our members. Sponsors will be thanked (and toasted) at the dinner, listed for all to see on the Summit 15 wiki page, and are welcome to attend in person even if not members. If your company is willing to sponsor, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, or any other member of the Board. XSF Members and their partners can, as usual, attend for free. Don't worry about getting there - we're arranging transport from FOSDEM and back to the Aloft Hotel. Dave.
  257. dwd Someone skim that before I send it?
  258. dwd Then I can get on and post the first sponsor on the Wiki.
  259. fippo ship it
  260. dwd bear, Simon ?
  261. bear +1
  262. dwd Should we announce sponsors as they come in to the summit@ list as well?
  263. MattJ +1
  264. bear I don't see why not - it may spur some others to give
  265. MattJ (to the text)
  266. Steffen Larsen wd
  267. dwd Oh, it's "Bretonne" not "Brétonne".
  268. Steffen Larsen dwd: what is the normal sponsorship?
  269. dwd Steffen Larsen, One MILLION Euros.
  270. Steffen Larsen dwd: one billion…
  271. MattJ Ten billion, i.e. the XSF could buy Dropbox
  272. Steffen Larsen but not nest
  273. dwd Steffen Larsen, It varies. It's typically been proportional to the numbers of XSF members belonging to a company, but not always. There's usually a bit of a fight for the top spot.
  274. Steffen Larsen dwd: ok
  275. dwd Steffen Larsen, All the amounts are public; they're posted on the wiki, so you can look at prevoious years (like Summit_13, Summit_11, etc)
  276. MattJ Steffen Larsen, nope, Nest was $3.2 billion, Dropbox $10 billion
  277. Steffen Larsen Mattj: but they are prob. worth more now
  278. Steffen Larsen dwd: ok. I might give a dime or two..
  279. dwd Steffen Larsen, Nest is worth less, Dropbox is harder to say.
  280. Steffen Larsen :-)
  281. dwd Simon, What's your view on announcing sponsors to the list?
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  296. dwd BTW, added our first dinner sponsor to the wiki.
  297. dwd (Thanks, &Yet!)
  298. ralphm &Yet is amazing in so many ways
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  300. ralphm By the way, I got some practical info for our FOSDEM stand. Pretty much the same as last year.
  301. ralphm sleeps
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