XSF Discussion - 2014-01-21

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  37. Simon

    dwd: do you mean "we'd like to extend our thanks to Corp for their sponsorship of the XSF. This will help promote open federated communicaton… " type announcement or?

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  46. dwd

    Simon, I was thinking a less formal, "&Yet [or whoever] have kindly offered €1,000 toward the XSF Dinner". But whatever.

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  49. Simon

    Indeed. Always nice to tell sponsors about the good things that their money will do for them (besides affording me my McDonalds :)

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  51. intosi

    Will we need to choose from the menu before the event again?

  52. dwd

    intosi, That level of logistics is down to FLorian, who seems very oevrworked at the moment.

  53. Simon

    Too many Taxis?

  54. Lloyd

    "Its not a taxi, its an executive transport service" - Florian when mentioning taxis

  55. Simon remembers the SF taxi driver describing himself as a "transport engineer". Given his driving, he was more like particle physicist trying to smash atoms.

  56. Simon

    Are developers also allowed to use über or can only "executives" ?

  57. dwd

    Executive Developers are.

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  61. Steffen Larsen

    It got some fair price last time in london, with some good discount.

  62. Steffen Larsen


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  64. Simon

    I read that the über drivers in Paris have to be delayed by 15 mins to avoid "unfair" competition with the ,kca

  65. Simon

    local drivers.

  66. Steffen Larsen

    ha ha

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  68. Steffen Larsen

    isn't it a free market there?

  69. Simon

    Guess France has a different view on free markets…

  70. Steffen Larsen


  71. Steffen Larsen

    well we have a special law here as well for taxies.. And I dont think über can easily enter here as well.

  72. Simon

    Funny thing is that all the Munich (regular) drivers already use an über equivalent for arranging pickups (and drive around doing normal pickups too).

  73. ralphm

    Steffen Larsen: let me know where there are true free markets for taxis

  74. Steffen Larsen

    he he

  75. Simon

    Where's here?

  76. Steffen Larsen


  77. Steffen Larsen

    well Denmark

  78. ralphm

    I think it is regulated everywhere

  79. Steffen Larsen

    ralphm: true.. that was my point.. a bit of irony

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  87. dwd

    On phone to Domicilium.

  88. dwd

    They just say to send a mail to helpdesk@domicilium.com. Which doesn't sound hopeful.

  89. Simon

    begin spamming…. NOW!

  90. dwd

    No, best not. I'll try a different approach.

  91. Simon

    Did you try ping that guy on LinkedIn?

  92. dwd

    Simon, He's a 3rd-level contact, I'll see if I can edge closer first. :-)

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  94. ralphm

    Ever since I started at Rackspace I've been spoiled by Fanatical Support. I suppose Domicilium doesn't have it?

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  96. dwd

    I think you misspelt that.

  97. dwd

    It's "Fanatical Support™", isn't it?

  98. Simon

    Chatted with James Body - "https://www.linkedin.com/pub/phil-adcock/7/86/436 is definitely the guy you want" try him on phil.adcock@domecill….im

  99. Simon

    Found his e-mail: padcock@domicilium.com Twitter @philipadcock

  100. dwd

    Ah, good.

  101. ralphm

    dwd: probably. In any case, you start expecting it from every service company, is my experience. Not sure if that's a blessing or a curse.

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  111. Kev

    Linkedin has just asked me "Where is Winfried?". Creepy.

  112. intosi

    That's quite scary.

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  115. Lloyd

    He's behind you

  116. Kev


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  118. intosi

    You faithfully answered xsf@muc.xmpp.org?

  119. Simon

    dwd: my contact brings more info:    Headquarters The Isle of Man Datacentre Ronaldsway Industrial Estate Ballasalla IM9 2RS Isle of Man    Phone:  +44 1624-825278 Contacts:  Mr. Phil Adcock, Technical Director padcock@domicilium.com Mr. David Artus, Account Manager dartus@domicilium.com

  120. dwd


  121. Kev

    Is that the sort of stuff we should be publicly archiving?

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  123. dwd

    Kev, You're normally the one arguing things should be publicly archived. :-)

  124. Kev

    Not people's phone numbers.

  125. dwd

    That's the main switchboard number.

  126. Kev

    Ah, OK.

  127. Simon

    and his email address is on a few press releases.

  128. dwd

    Mailed him too.

  129. winfried wonders if he should suspend his LinkedIN account in the meanwhile

  130. dwd

    Ah, Phil Adcock just connected with me on LinkedIn. So, progress.

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  136. dwd

    Sent a message via LinkedIn to Phil Adcock.

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  141. dwd has a conversation going with .im's CTO now.

  142. MattJ

    Yay :)

  143. Simon

    best friends forever?

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  168. dwd

    Well, he's not replied since I said that. :-)

  169. waqas

    Simon jinxed it

  170. MattJ


  171. Simon


  172. ralphm

    Simon: please don't jinx stuff

  173. Simon

    "not best friends forever?"

  174. Simon


  175. Simon

    did he call back?

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