XSF Discussion - 2014-01-22

  1. ralphm

    hmm, our members list needs editing, still listed as council

  2. Simon

    dwd: any news from your friend at .im?

  3. Alex

    I can fix this

  4. ralphm

    Alex: I assume that's for more people

  5. Alex

    can fix them all

  6. ralphm


  7. none

    Hi all ))))

  8. dwd

    Simon, Nothing yet. His helpdesk replied, though.

  9. Alex


  10. intosi

    Alex: thanks

  11. ralphm

    Kev: did you do an inventory of our stuff stored at cisco last year?

  12. Kev

    Me? Certainly not.

  13. ralphm

    hmm, wonder if anyone did then

  14. intosi

    Don't think anyone did.

  15. ralphm

    wanted to know how much hoodies/shirts we have still

  16. Kev

    Who was 'in charge' of hoodies/shirts last year?

  17. ralphm

    don't remember I guess, thought you were

  18. dwd

    That's quite some set of assumptions.

  19. dwd

    Hands up who thought anyone was in charge?

  20. Kev

    I have never done anything with hoodies/T-Shirts

  21. ralphm


  22. Simon

    Sounds like the Anarcho-syndicalism cabal was doing the selling last year. :)

  23. ralphm

    silly me

  24. ralphm

    Simon: that's you then?

  25. Kev

    I keep away from that nasty business side of things. I'm just a simple techie.

  26. Simon


  27. Simon

    Made a good wad of cash too.

  28. dwd

    Simon, I posted a mish-mash of random thoughts on the impact of DNSSEC on XMPP security on G+; it might be worth turning it into a whitepaper/tech-brief we could stick somewhere, thinking about it. What do you think?

  29. Simon

    Give me a moment to read it first.

  30. Simon

    all makes sense. Benefit #1 for a lot of XMPP folk will be a 'fuck the CAs'. / I don't want to pay for a CA (/don't know about StartSSL).

  31. Simon

    do we have any existing whitepapers? https://www.google.com/search?q=whitepaper+%2Bsite%3Axmpp.org doesn't show anything.

  32. dwd

    I don't think the XSF has ever done whitepapers.

  33. ralphm

    we've always wanted them, though

  34. Steffen Larsen

    Ive started one on large scale XMPP

  35. Steffen Larsen

    but they are hard to write..

  36. dwd

    They are, indeed. I wouldn't mind reissuing some of P1's, and Isode's, and various others on the xmpp.org site, actually.

  37. Simon

    I like the Isode whitepapers. Don't know what kind of people worked/work there, but theirs are nicely readable.

  38. Steffen Larsen

    dwd: yes Isode made some great ones

  39. Kev

    I forget who took responsibility for this at the last summit, but it was one of the things the XSF is going to do.

  40. Kev

    (Republish people's whitepapers)

  41. dwd

    We keep discussing it. I'd like to do it. But I'm not going to start anything else until after this summit. :-)

  42. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: I think it was bear and winfried.. I was discussing it with them last year (europe summit).

  43. Simon

    Laura and my planning for xmpp.org includes whitepaper space for different topics.

  44. Simon

    we'll do more planning and a quick presentation at the Summit.

  45. ralphm

    Kev: I think Bear volunteered last year, but he's been busy with other stuff

  46. Kev

    I think that being busy is a prerequisite for volunteering to do anything in the XSF :)

  47. Steffen Larsen

    yeah. Most of us are busy. I promised to send my whitepaper to stpeter when we where in Berlin. But havent sent it yet.. So.. I blame my self. :-)

  48. Kev

    I'm happy for the blame to get spread around as long as none comes my way :)

  49. Steffen Larsen

    Kev: thanks

  50. Steffen Larsen


  51. dwd

    Kev, Can you create rooms on here?

  52. Kev

    ISTR admin superpowers worked strangely. I can certainly hack the Prosody install to change MUC config, as I have in the past, but asknig MattJ might be easier.

  53. dwd

    MattJ, Same question to number two.

  54. dwd realizes belatedly that the Blind Date reference is probably lost on your youngsters.

  55. MattJ

    No, I'm just about old enough

  56. MattJ

    But you can imagine it was a very weird programme to one that young

  57. MattJ

    Actually now I'm older, it was still a weird programme

  58. MattJ

    Anyway... what room?

  59. ralphm

    Ash: did you know that usually Ward is sorted before Watkin?

  60. MattJ

    Usually implies "not always"

  61. ralphm

    MattJ: yeah, apparently not on our wiki

  62. dwd

    ralphm, That "r" in his surname is actually a Cherokee character, and sorts afterward using i;octet.

  63. ralphm

    dwd: sure

  64. Ash

    ralphm: Yeah - no reflection on Lloyd, but I do tend to get sorted first :)

  65. Ash

    Now you mention it I've only just noticed that the list of Summit participants is in alphabetical order on surname

  66. Ash

    I assume this is what you're getting at :)

  67. Ash

    Up until now I thought it was in no particular order!

  68. intosi

    There's a note at the end...

  69. MattJ

    This is so important

  70. Lloyd

    I am deeply offended by the sorting algorithm. I mean its 2014, if that's the best we can do we may as well pack up and all go home.

  71. waqas


  72. MattJ

    For next year we should develop a new wiki with automatic sorting so this kind of thing can't happen again

  73. MattJ

    I'm willing to volunteer a little time on it, but the board will need to decide on the license and ownership, and who is going to run it

  74. intosi


  75. MattJ

    The council can decide what language to write it in

  76. waqas

    I propose a bidding war, people can donate to get their preferred sorting algorithm selected

  77. MattJ

    Only monetary donations? What about hardware/software donations?

  78. Ash

    I would like to see a XEP about summit participant list sorting. Until then it's in no particular order!

  79. dwd

    Hmmm... You realise we haven't changed the wiki software for a while?

  80. MattJ

    I do

  81. Simon

    Please add developing a better backend database to support these new sort functions too.

  82. MattJ

    Simon, oh really, I'd just assumed that would naturally be a part of it

  83. dwd

    We should probably debate that endlessly. I'm assuming it's about time we tried a static wiki.

  84. MattJ

    Also it has to support XMPP

  85. Simon

    Actually I'm confused "The following people plan to be there in person: (H) means checkin on checkout on" What's the H mean? Hotel?

  86. Ash

    I think that was the intention - to get an idea of numbers

  87. dwd

    Yeah, so we could figure out what block size to aim for.

  88. Simon

    So (H) means you are staying at the A-Loft. Non-H-ers are elsewhere?

  89. dwd


  90. Simon

    Clear as mud.

  91. dwd

    Gajim like to redner (H) as smiley-in-sunglasses.

  92. Ash

    Customary XKCD reference: http://xkcd.com/1319/

  93. Simon

    Ash: Are people working on code generators automatically in that group?

  94. dwd

    FWIW, I would like the Wiki to notify us over XMPP. But I know we'd end up fighting over the right pubsub payload format which none of our clients would support anyway.

  95. dwd

    BTW, I'll be late (probably) for the Board meeting this aft.

  96. Simon

    actually the thought did cross my mind to stick page revisions into a buddycloud ./wiki node. But I quickly brain-bleached that away.

  97. dwd

    I'm picking up my daughter at about 1620, takes me about 10 minutes to get back, but she probably won't be ready right away.

  98. Ash

    dwd: As long as you include a <body/> as per XEP-0060 12.7: Including a Message Body then all clients should at least display something

  99. Ash

    even if they don't understand it

  100. dwd

    Don't understand what?

  101. Ash

    The payload

  102. dwd

    I didn't udnerstand that.

  103. Ash

    But the body should be human readable, so hopefully you should understand it even if your client doesn't!

  104. dwd

    Should understand what?

  105. dwd is good at this game.

  106. Ash

    You're like a 3 year old!

  107. Ash


  108. dwd

    A three year old what?

  109. Ash

    Why do you ask that?

  110. intosi

    dwd has trouble understanding anything but sheep 😉

  111. Ash

    dwd makes less sense than the emacs doctor :)

  112. intosi

    Clippy Cridland?

  113. dwd

    intosi, It looks like you're trying to insult me. Would you like help with that?

  114. Lloyd

    intosi, where you've gone wrong is that he's an english man living in Wales, whereas I'm estranged from my fluffy friends. Kev would be the easier target for that sort of joke as he has both bases covered :)

  115. intosi

    Lloyd: I'm fully aware of that ;) Let's say the healthy country air has altered his preferences somewhat ;)

  116. intosi

    Or at least assume that it has.

  117. dwd

    Lloyd, Right. "I'm an alien. I'm a legal alien. I'm an Englishman in West Wales"

  118. dwd

    As Sting put it.

  119. Simon

    Any offers on meaningful work to keep dwd busy?

  120. dwd

    ralphm, intosi - either of you know if a van will fit into the Aloft's parking?

  121. Simon

    with enough speed, anything will.

  122. Simon

    or do you want your deposit back?

  123. Ash

    dwd: Last year I parked right outside of the ALoft on the street. It was unrestricted in the evenings and at weekends which suited fine.

  124. intosi

    We'll try parking outside.

  125. intosi

    Like Ash said, evenings and weekends are fine.

  126. intosi

    We've managed to park cars on the streets of Brussels for more than ten years, this year might be slightly more challenging because of the size of the vehicle, but still possible.

  127. intosi

    As for the deposit, you'd have to ask ralphm;)

  128. Laura

    Is the Board meeting going ahead today?

  129. ralphm

    I think so

  130. ralphm

    dwd was going to be a bit late

  131. ralphm

    haven't seen bear yet

  132. Laura

    *whispers* where is everybody?

  133. ralphm

    Simon might still be around

  134. Simon imagines bear hibernating at this time of year.

  135. Kev

    ralphm: I'd be inclined to take control again, IIWY :)

  136. ralphm

    Yes, I'd like to wait a few more minutes for dwd

  137. dwd arrives

  138. dwd

    Sorry for any confusion.

  139. dwd

    ralphm, Simon, Laura : In case you need the name-check.

  140. ralphm


  141. Simon


  142. ralphm

    So, without further delay.

  143. ralphm bangs gavel

  144. ralphm

    0. Agenda

  145. ralphm


  146. Laura


  147. ralphm

    Suggestions for agenda items?

  148. dwd

    I can think of FOSDEM/Summit, .IM DNSSEC, and sponsors.

  149. ralphm


  150. dwd

    Oh, and the secret new MUC room for Board folk to discuss potential sponsors in.

  151. ralphm

    any others?

  152. ralphm

    Simon, Laura?

  153. Laura

    Nothing extra

  154. ralphm

    ok, cool

  155. Simon

    Nothing on my part. Been planning mountain buddycloud hackathons and not as much XSF website work this week.

  156. ralphm


  157. ralphm

    1. .im DNSSEC

  158. ralphm

    Dave: go

  159. dwd

    So, contacted Phil Adcock, via some LinkedIn chicanery.

  160. dwd

    The story there is that the DNSSEC project went on hold indefinitely some time back, but he's happy to revisit that potentially.

  161. dwd

    He's asked in particular if we have particular requirements around DNSSEC, or whether it's merely a nice-to-have - I've explained some of our use-cases for it in reply.

  162. dwd

    And that's where we are.

  163. ralphm

    No reply since?

  164. dwd


  165. ralphm


  166. ralphm

    thanks for doing this

  167. ralphm

    I'm sure we'll hear more about that soonish.

  168. ralphm

    2. Sponsors

  169. dwd

    Oh, Phil Adock is the CTO and Founder of Domicilium, the Isle of Man ISP running the .im ccTLD, FTR.

  170. Simon

    the's the man-who-can.

  171. ralphm

    dwd: you are doing the records?

  172. dwd

    ralphm, Minutes you mean?

  173. ralphm

    dwd: them too, you said FTR

  174. ralphm


  175. ralphm

    on to sponsors

  176. ralphm

    Yay Yetis!

  177. dwd

    Yes, &Yet have pitched in for the XSF Dinner.

  178. ralphm

    &yet is sponsoring our XSF dinner for €1000, which is great

  179. Simon

    +1 to &Yet.

  180. Laura

    And I am in talks with Surevine about donating money. Tracking down my Directors for confirmation.

  181. ralphm

    Simon: is that an offer from buddycloud?

  182. ralphm ducks

  183. Simon

    ralphm: I'd love to be financially able to.

  184. dwd

    I have turned down one personal dinner sponsor; I've always felt a little uncomfortable taking money from individuals unless we're really desperate.

  185. ralphm

    No worries

  186. Simon

    unfortunately this year is a bit tricky (so far)

  187. ralphm

    Laura: awesome

  188. fippo needs to hunt down a director as well

  189. dwd

    I've also got three potential sponsors; two of which seem to be outing themselves in this room. :-)

  190. Simon offers his services as a FOSDEM XMPP booth-babe. (how much does it pay?)

  191. dwd

    Oh, scratch that, I'm chasing four, actually.

  192. Kev

    dwd: If it's a non-XSF member, it seems reasonable to me, FWIW (or someone who does XMPP consulting or something).

  193. dwd

    Kev, In both cases of personal, it's been XSF members.

  194. dwd

    Happy to discuss names, but not publicly prior to a commitment of course.

  195. Laura

    *separate question - how are people responding to an individual comment? As in including their name?

  196. Laura

    *losing geek status*

  197. dwd

    Laura, You mean "/me"?

  198. dwd does this.

  199. dwd

    Which I did by typing /me does this.

  200. Laura

    yes that!

  201. Laura

    /dwd like this?

  202. Laura


  203. ralphm

    Laura: no literally '/me something'

  204. Lloyd

    / me (without spaces) says something

  205. Laura

    Taking this to LLoyd off here - as you all were

  206. ralphm

    While Laura figures this out, dwd, did you want to talk more about sponsors?

  207. dwd

    Aaaanyway. We also have the initial offer of Erlang Solutions, too.

  208. dwd

    (Which was made publicly on the summit list)

  209. ralphm

    But as it mentions 'Silver', I assume this is a generic sponsorship, not for the Dinner.

  210. fippo

    dwd: was that about dinner sponsorship or xmpp.org sponsorship?

  211. dwd

    fippo, It's unclear.

  212. Kev

    I read it as XSF sponsorship, FWIW, because they said silver.

  213. dwd

    I'd like to know if there's someone willing to handle general sponsorship - I'd prefer not to take on anything else at the moment.

  214. Alex

    dwd: how much do you need for the XSF dinner?

  215. Laura

    Lloyd: I am trying. Is this it?

  216. ralphm

    I want to note that a Silver sponsorship doesn't mean sponsoring the XSF Dinner. In fact, you have to Platinum for this. http://xmpp.org/sponsor/sponsor-the-xsf/

  217. Laura

    *quietly cheers*

  218. Lloyd

    Laura: bravo :)

  219. dwd

    Alex, €1,000,000. You offering?

  220. ralphm

    Lloyd: also teach her /me

  221. Lloyd has already done this :)

  222. dwd

    Alex, The dinner itself is somewhat of an open-ended thing, because the actual bill varies depending on how thirsty we are.

  223. ralphm

    and of course how many people will be there

  224. Alex

    dwd: I mean in total for dinner

  225. fippo

    speaking of sponsors, it seems the voxeo sponsor logo is broken on xmpp.org

  226. ralphm

    Looking at that sponsorship page, I note that some of our sponsor levels give right to a dinner seat. Do we invite people for this?

  227. Alex

    I see only 1.000 from &Yet on the wiki yet

  228. dwd

    Alex, As a guide price, at least €2,000. But there's transport and so on on top of that.

  229. dwd

    ralphm, Do we have any current sponsors at those levels?

  230. Alex

    so at least 2,5K total I guess

  231. ralphm

    Well, maybe ISOC now

  232. dwd

    I would like to repeat this: [16:56:14] dwd: I'd like to know if there's someone willing to handle general sponsorship - I'd prefer not to take on anything else at the moment.

  233. ralphm

    depending how they are factored in (1 year or spread across multiple years)

  234. dwd

    ralphm, Yes... Depends if they actually want to be listed as a sponsor. I'd like them to be, but that's not what they did. Maybe ask stpeter to discuss that with them?

  235. ralphm

    I'm still unsure why Gift and Sponsor are not the same thing.

  236. ralphm

    But yes

  237. ralphm

    Let's get that know, preferably this week, and also have them at the dinner maybe?

  238. ralphm

    (if there's somebody closeby)

  239. dwd


  240. dwd

    I think we can invite them to the Dinner anyway.

  241. ralphm

    I *think* Peter was talking to some Dutch representatives of ISOC anyway

  242. dwd

    So... Anyone want to volunteer to handle general sponsorship (and therefore follow-up with Erlang Solutions)?

  243. dwd

    Or am I going to see if I can juggle one more flaming torch?

  244. Laura

    Sorry dwd, struggling to get the XMPP website off the ground at the moment. Once that is done I might be in a better position to help

  245. ralphm

    I'm FOSDEM all the way

  246. dwd

    Right, I'll see what I can do then.

  247. dwd

    OK, that's all from me on sponsors.

  248. ralphm


  249. ralphm


  250. ralphm

    3. FOSDEM

  251. ralphm

    (Summit later)

  252. ralphm

    The bean bags should be arriving on Tuesday at my place.

  253. ralphm

    I'm arranging the van tomorrow.

  254. stpeter

    ok, finally off my call with IEC, brb

  255. ralphm

    I've updated the wiki page with a bunch of practical information, as well as sent out a message to the members and summit lists

  256. ralphm

    stpeter: welcome

  257. ralphm

    We talked about posters before. Did anyone actually (volunteer to) work on those?

  258. Laura

    I'm sure someone said they had designs started?

  259. ralphm

    dwd had some suggestions earlier on, I have some ideas. Let me see what I can whip up later this week.

  260. Simon

    Ralphm: if I undstand it correctly, the posters are to tell people around the campus about the Realtime Lounge?

  261. dwd

    I do have a design. I've not done more on those. I can look at printers.

  262. ralphm

    Simon: yes indeed

  263. ralphm

    dwd: does that make sense for you? I can source ones over here. Easier to transport, probably

  264. Simon

    I'm happy to help with designs and commandeer a nearby laserprinter.

  265. Simon

    and to put them up.

  266. ralphm

    What size are we looking at?

  267. dwd

    ralphm, That's certainly true. I'll sling you an EPS/SVG or two.

  268. dwd

    I was thinking A4.

  269. ralphm

    dwd: inkscape FTW! :-D

  270. Simon

    I think a3 and a4

  271. ralphm

    A4 is good. I'm sure some places could have A3. I don't have a printer that size here, but there's plenty of copy shops in Eindhoven

  272. Simon

    What's the message this year? "Lounge in Realtime at the XMPP realtime lounge. Beanbags included."

  273. stpeter

    Simon: :)

  274. Simon

    "snuggle up with your friendly XEP writer?"

  275. Simon will be standing

  276. ralphm

    Simon: acceptable.

  277. ralphm

    So, I guess dwd and I will do this, then.

  278. ralphm

    Any other things for FOSDEM?

  279. stpeter reads http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/140122/

  280. Simon

    Ralphm - I could probably commandeer a colour laser printer for running off some posters.

  281. ralphm

    If you know of people that might give a nice demo on realtime technologies, please force^Hcoerce^Hask them to add to the list.

  282. dwd

    Nothing from me. I may try to source some stickers.

  283. Simon

    A3 too.

  284. ralphm

    Simon: cool. I'll work on the designs with dwd and pass you some PDFs

  285. Simon


  286. Simon

    Any chance you can do them by Friday (I'm in the mountains next week).

  287. ralphm

    I was tempted to try and arrange for t-shirts/polos/hoodies, but decided that we have enough going already.

  288. ralphm

    Simon: that should be doable

  289. ralphm

    Besides creating a design, we would again have to figure out sizes, man stands to sell them etc. Maybe next time (like at IETF London or a NA Summit if there's one. Do I hear Hawaii?)

  290. ralphm

    4. Summit 15

  291. dwd

    I only hear Hawaii if I can find someone to pay for me. :-)

  292. ralphm

    dwd: heh

  293. dwd

    We've no food for the Summit. Other than that I *think* we're done.

  294. dwd

    Oh, food and coffee.

  295. ralphm

    dwd: I thought we could source that at the local cafeteria/cantine. Except for Pizza.

  296. MattJ

    Food at the stand, a free cupcake for people who get an A on xmpp.net

  297. dwd

    We could just wander over. We've been known to get coffee into the room.

  298. ralphm

    but the little sandwiches were catered in?

  299. dwd

    Kev, Oh, it might be worth calling for any further discussion topics.

  300. dwd

    ralphm, No, ordered in advance from Cisco's internal suppliers though.

  301. stpeter

    "<ralphm> I *think* Peter was talking to some Dutch representatives of ISOC anyway" - not Dutch, just the general ISOC folks

  302. Kev

    I did do that the other day. But I can do so again.

  303. ralphm

    stpeter: oh

  304. dwd

    Kev, Oh, if I missed it then ignore me.

  305. dwd

    Kev, I'm just being frazzled.

  306. Kev

    dwd: I mostly think this isn't the most important of activities anyway, given that we can't plan stuff properly until we're there.

  307. Kev

    Not that I'm arguing that having ideas of topics is bad in advance.

  308. ralphm

    stpeter: but you do know people there (in .nl for ISOC). Given the nomination of xmpp.net at ISOC NL, it might be nice to have someone at the dinner, if they are coming to FOSDEM.

  309. dwd


  310. stpeter

    ralphm: I do not, but I might be able to find out (although you or Thijs might have better luck)

  311. ralphm

    stpeter: right.

  312. ralphm

    Still, do we intend to stick with the guidelines at our sponsorship page, and, if so, where does the gift of ISOC come in?

  313. dwd

    stpeter, Can you see if ISOC want to be listed as a sponsor? I'd certainly like to be able to list them.

  314. stpeter

    yes, they would like to be listed and they certainly deserve to be listed

  315. dwd

    OK, great.

  316. stpeter

    they would be a platinum sponsor

  317. dwd has to depart shortly.

  318. stpeter

    since they sent us $10k

  319. ralphm

    stpeter: so that's one year?

  320. Laura

    On that note, draft blog has been shared with stpeter about that donation

  321. stpeter

    ralphm: well....

  322. dwd

    Laura, Cool.

  323. ralphm

    stpeter: see this is my issue

  324. Laura

    Might need amending in light of calling them a sponsor

  325. stpeter

    Laura: yes, thank, I will look at that as soon as we're done

  326. stpeter

    ralphm: in practice, we've been lax

  327. ralphm

    stpeter: my point

  328. stpeter

    so one year of sponsorship turns into two

  329. ralphm

    stpeter: so maybe we should figure out how to do that better

  330. stpeter

    and we're not clear about mid-year sponsorships

  331. stpeter

    ralphm: +1 for sure

  332. ralphm

    stpeter: the page says 'prorated'

  333. dwd

    My wife's calling me for food, so I'll catch up on logs later.

  334. ralphm

    I think we're mostly done her

  335. ralphm

    5 AOB

  336. ralphm


  337. Simon


  338. ralphm

    6. Date of next

  339. ralphm


  340. ralphm

    (I'll be travelling)

  341. ralphm

    7. ktnxbai

  342. ralphm bangs gavel

  343. stpeter

    thanks, all!

  344. ralphm


  345. stpeter


  346. stpeter


  347. Laura

    See you in Brussels!

  348. stpeter

    ralphm: do we have email addresses for all Summiteers?

  349. stpeter

    I'll need that to help get wifi accounts for everyone

  350. stpeter

    and I need to request visitor badges and such

  351. Simon

    I'll bring my wifi-reshare-o-matic for use in FOSDEM too (I recall a weak signal)

  352. stpeter

    I am leaving the food arrangements to you unless you tell me that I need to coordinate with the on-site catering folks at the Cisco office

  353. Simon

    /me will miss Peter this year.

  354. stpeter

    so please let me know ASAP if you need food ordered, since it's probably better for me to do that from my @cisco.com address

  355. stpeter

    Simon: yeah, me too

  356. stpeter

    anyway, bbiab, that two-hour session of rapid-fire answering every question about XMPP tired out my brain a bit

  357. ralphm

    Simon: adding more wifi signals into the mix only makes things worse

  358. ralphm

    Simon: better bring 5GHz capable devices

  359. Kev

    Running your own AP at FOSDEM doesn't sound like the world's best-ever idea.

  360. stpeter

    Kev: true :-)

  361. fippo

    ah no, only do that at events where sales people rely on internet connectivity to demo ;-)

  362. dwd


  363. Neustradamus

    for informations, I contacted the master of .im about DNSSEC by twitter, and by email.

  364. Neustradamus

    - https://twitter.com/Neustradamus/status/424964414026952705 - https://twitter.com/Neustradamus/status/425015669327810560 I sent one email after, I had one reply, I sent a second email with the complete request.

  365. fippo

    neustradamus: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/140121/#15:47:12 -- dave made a similar attempt yesterday

  366. Neustradamus

    fippo: :)

  367. intosi

    Running your own AP at FOSDEM is a sure way to get angry network operators at your stand.

  368. intosi

    They monitor these kinds of activities because it damages their network.

  369. Kev

    That's what I said.

  370. Kev

    Only with a stylish understatement.

  371. intosi

    I think you cannot overstress this ;)

  372. ralphm

    intosi: also angry stand reps. I.e. me.

  373. dwd

    Neustradamus, While your help is appreciated, it's actually really important to make sure contact like this is carefully coordinated, to make sure we give the impression of a professional body they should be taking notice of.